Smartphone earning – Clic and Walk

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Smartphone earning - Clic and Walk

The app:
Clic and Walk is an iPhone and Android app

Clic and Walk is an app that gets you to complete mystery shopping visits and in home researchand gets you photographing whatever they need by Emma at #EarnMoney #MoneyMaking #MakingMoney


How to earn:
Complete mystery shopping visits and in home research – this includes jobs like photographing a book you are currently reading, your toilet (!!!) or even perfumes.

Payment method(s) and thresholds:
The payment threshold is £3, and payment is made directly into your bank account or via Paypal.

My verdict:
Earning with Clic and Walk is easy, there are plenty of jobs available. The low payment threshold makes this a favourite of mine – it does not take long to earn the £3 minimum.

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3 Comments on “Smartphone earning – Clic and Walk”

  1. I also really like this App. Easy to earn from and having the ‘at home’ tasks to complete is really good.

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