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Many of you bloggers out there might be wondering how to monetise your blog. There are plenty of ways to do this, but a lot of them have high withdrawal limits or are difficult to install. That's where Skimlinks comes in. A UK company, operating since 2008, Skimlinks take your content and automatically provides relevant links to key words you use. As a money maker, I want to make money, and as a blogger, I don't want to annoy my readers. That's why it is really important to me that whichever advertiser I use, they place relevant adverts on my site and provide me with an income, month in and month out.

If you're looking to make money using affiliate links on your blog then you need to check out Skimlinks. A UK based company that automatically provides relevant links to key words you use by Emma at #MakingMoney #EarnMoneyBlogging #MoneyMaking

Another great thing about Skimlinks is that their payment threshold is £7. Yes, just £7. They pay out via Paypal once clicks have been confirmed and paid by the advertiser, generally after two months. When you log in, you can easily see your stats with their useful interface. Below is a screen shot of my daily revenue report, with all the clicks and revenue removed.


Overall, I've found that using Skimlinks has been great. The sign up process was quick and simple, and installing Skimlinks on From Aldi To Harrods took a matter of moments and I started earning straight away. I've been using Skimlinks for about 6 weeks now and I cannot fault them. Most importantly, I feel that it doesn't interfere with my site at all and doesn't display large banner adverts, or adwords that may mislead my readers – especially as I don't want anyone clicking dodgy “make lots of money now” links.

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