September money making challenge – week 2 results

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I have been feeling reluctant to post about September's earnings, because they feel almost non-existent. To date, I have made an extra £372.23 in September (not including my matched betting money). This is extremely far off my £2,000 target and I already know now that I won't be hitting that target. It isn't for lack of trying, it just seems that a lot of avenues have dried up at once, or they're payable in October, which doesn't help this month's challenge. However, I'm still determined to continue the challenge, and I'd like to end up somewhere over £500.

How I've done it:

  • A Prolific Academic payment – this is by far my favourite survey website and I have earned over £200 with them to date. I never get screened out of surveys and they're very interesting to complete.
  • Mint Vine – a small $10 payout.
  • Gift Hunter Club – another small payer this month, $5.
  • Spare5 iPhone app.
  • eBay selling.
  • Facebook selling.
  • Mystery shopping.

I know that I should be pleased with my earnings – an extra £300+ is fantastic, but I have put so much pressure on myself that I am really disappointed to be no where near my goal! At least it is giving me time to focus on some other projects.

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2 Comments on “September money making challenge – week 2 results”

  1. Don’t be so hard on yourself, £372.23 plus matched betting money is fantastic, I would be elated if I had made that sort of money.

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