Sending bulky eBay packages

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How to send eBay packages

Earlier this year we started our reselling business, and we have had a lot of fun along the way. We have also learned a lot, with one important lesson being around sending eBay packages. Despite having done this for awhile, we have been caught out with postage costs, especially when we have needed to arrange a courier. In this blog post I am going to talk about how we send big, bulky eBay items.

How to send eBay packages

A lot of what we sell falls into the toys and clothing category, which are easy enough to post. We typically either use Royal Mail or Hermes for these parcels.

What about when we have an item that is bigger than allowed, or weighs a lot? What about bulky items such as furniture? There can be a lot of profit in selling items like this, so it is important that we get our delivery right, and that it doesn't cost the earth. After all, what's the point in flipping an item for a big profit, only for the profits to be eaten up in courier costs?

That's where Shiply comes in. Shiply connects eBay sellers (and anyone else needing to send items) with people who can help. What's more, you can get as much as 75% off the standard shipping fee, meaning that there is more money in your pocket.

Simply pop on and choose the sort of item you are sending. Fill in a few details such as the pick up point, destination, weight and type of item and sit back whilst the quotes start rolling in. Quotes start coming in after about 20 minutes.

If you are looking to save even more money then you can even upload a photograph of your item(s) to get a cheaper quote.

When your quotes are generated, you are shown this screen:

First off, you see the transport provider's name and how many deliveries they have done. Then you can see further information including their rating, whether they are verified and insured as well as the quote.

You can also start a conversation with the transport provider, meaning you can ask any questions before committing to a shipment.

Once you have a quote you are happy with, then click on “Accept” and start the shipping process.

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How are prices discounted with Shiply?

Shiply has over 100,000 transport providers, and the reason you can get up to 75% off a shipment is because these transport providers can bid for jobs that are already along their existing routes. That means they can offer a reduced rate for you. Here's a video from Shiply explaining more:

Other reasons to use Shiply

Of course Shiply is great as an eBay courier, but there are plenty of other reasons to use Shiply.

Whether you are moving home or you need your furry friends, Shiply has a great variety of transport providers on board.

How to send eBay packages

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  1. This is really great info, Emma thank you for sharing it. There used to be a TV programme of a similar nature but in the US where transporters would bid for various shipments, anything from a yauht to animals! I always thought it would be brilliant for resellers if they brought it to the UK 🙂

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