Secrets to Saving: The Ultimate UK Couponing Guide Review

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Secrets to Saving, The Ultimate UK Couponing Guide is written by Jordan Cox, you may well have already heard of him online by the name of the ‘Coupon Kid.’ Jordan first started his couponing journey as a means to reduce his family’s weekly grocery bills. If you have ever wondered how you could slash the amount you spend on your food shop, you need to read this book! Jordan talks you through, step by step, how you can pay less than retail price for your food and household purchases, and how you could save £1,000 on your grocery shopping a year- just think what else you could buy with that extra cash in your pocket. The book includes 100 tips to spend less in supermarkets, even if you do not implement all of them, just using one or two tips will save you money each and every month.

When and why did Jordan start couponing?

Jordan’s aim was to save money on bills to help his mum out, and was just fifteen when he started couponing, after watching an American TV show titled ‘Extreme Couponing.’

“It’s a program about frugal shoppers in the US, who walk away with thousands of dollars of groceries for free, just by using coupons. From the first episode, I was hooked and decided to try it myself.”

Free coupons in the US are very widely available, much more so than in the UK, however Jordan has still been able to save thousands over the years. Now, 6 years on from the start of his journey, Jordan has saved over £10,000 on products for himself and his family by seeking out discounts whenever he needs to purchase something. Some of Jordan’s best personal money saving stories include a £112 shop for just £32, a Christmas dinner for just 10p, and a £50 shop that was completely free.

Jordan also shares the incredible story of how he was able to charitably feed 150 people on Christmas Day, who would have otherwise gone without- all using £600 worth of free coupons! Who knew that coupons could make such a difference to the lives of others!


How could YOU start couponing?

Jordan says that: “positivity is the first important step towards financial freedom. The only thing you need after that is the knowledge of how to do it.”

Luckily, the Coupon Kid gives you all the knowledge you could possibly need to take your first steps to financial freedom by couponing. Jordan’s book is crammed with money saving ideas that you can put into practice today, with advice from cutting out traditional paper coupons, to contacting companies directly to increase your chances of claiming higher value coupons- or even some freebies!

Jordan regularly receives exclusive free coupons from companies (£5 off, £10 off, and some items are even gifted completely free). If you want to receive the same kind of deals, Jordan’s book shows you how. He has even included a list of the companies that he has found the most success with, along with ideas and examples of how to get in touch with the manufacturers yourself by email. Jordan advises that he has found this to be the most lucrative way of getting money off your shopping.

Couponing… and beyond!

As well as a highly informative introduction to couponing, this book also explains how you can take things to the next level and use coupons as effectively as possible and get the best value from them. This includes advice about how to time the usage of coupons with instore offers to get products for free, and even how to use coupons in conjunction with cashback apps to make a PROFIT on your purchases.

I would whole-heartedly recommend this book to anyone who is looking for a guide to start saving money on their food shopping. The book is filled with useful information which you could go back to again and again throughout your money saving journey. Jordan writes with such enthusiasm that it’s hard not to want to start couponing immediately after you finish it! If you’ve been thinking about starting a money saving mission, this book will definitely deliver with practical steps to achieving your money saving goals.

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  1. Good review. Funnily enough, I have just bought the book with Amazon vouchers, earned from Job Spotter. I’m off to a good start!

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