Saving Money on your Next Mobile Plan

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Are you a savvy shopper? August and September are the best time of year to save on your mobile phone plan. Each year leading manufacturers release new handsets meaning older devices drop in prices and become more affordable.

Handset cost is a huge driver in the average monthly UK bill but other factors come into account. Minutes, texts and data allowances, including the cost of the handset are all factored into a monthly cost. Knowing what you need before signing up to a new plan helps save hundreds of pounds per year.

The average monthly spend on mobile phone plans in the UK is £45.60. The average data plan is 16GB of data. Consumers need to be savvier about what they want and what they need versus what they purchase.

The average data usage in the UK is a lot less than the average 16GB data plan consumers purchase.

Even by 2021 consumer surveys don’t expect the average consumer to need more than 9GB of data. Knowing what data plan you require before purchasing is simple. Check the last 3-6 months average data usage on your monthly bill or device. This will show you what data plan is needed for your personal usage. As most monthly plans come with unlimited messages and calls it’s the cost of the device and data that dictates the monthly plan.

When you use your phone also effects your required data allowance. Heavy users are usually people on the move all day. Commuters are the heaviest users with students a close second.

If you’re mostly at home, then WI-FI is always in distance. 99% of places of work, pubs, cafes and public locations all have free WI-FI so its generally travel time that uses consumers data plans. Understanding what you do on the move influences the amount of data allowance you require each month.

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It’s amazing what you can do with 10GB of data considering you are usually within free WI-FI distance. 10GB of should be enough for most UK consumers.

What APPs you have and how many you have also impacts the data usage when on the move. Consumers need to remember that APPs use data when updating and streaming apps will use up data quickly. Most devices have the followings apps and 5 of these often involve some form of streaming.

The number of APPs on a device multiplies the number of updates. Updates can be controlled but most consumers don’t action this.

So many APPs now use push notifications. This is another area where your device is pulling information when on the move. This is another area consumers can control but often neglect.

Saving money on mobile phone plans is simple is you follow these tips.

1 – Mobile phone optimisation

APPs use a lot of data that consumers don’t notice. You can set each app to update manually rather than automatically. This stops APP’s updating when you are on the move. Saving data usage which helps drive down the cost of monthly plans.

2 – Pay some money upfront

All contract plans involve the cost of the device, texts and calls and data allowance. Paying a little upfront will save on the total phone cost. Consider looking at deals where an initial upfront cost is included and compare that to a tariff which includes the device for free. You will make considerable savings over the total contract period

3 – Take control of your contract

If you didn’t buy your handset upfront then you are paying for the device over the contract period.  Letting a contract roll means you continue paying for your device after its paid off. Put a note in your calendar for 30 days before your contract ends.

4 – Upgrade or keep your device

There have been huge technology jumps since 2014 but they are slowing down. In recent years, newer handsets are not that different from the previous generation. Consider keeping your current device and moving onto a sim only plan. This will usually half your monthly cost.

5 – Log into free WI-FI

Most place consumers visit now have free WI-FI. Be a savvy consumer and ask for the free WI-FI code.

6 – Download before you leave the house

Most data usage involves some form of streaming, you can’t avoid it all but you can on some. Download your boxsets, films and music before you go out. Most phones now have the memory to handle it.

Being a savvy mobile phone shopper doesn’t mean getting the best deal that’s online or instore. Its about finding the best deal for you and you managing your device correctly.

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