Saving money as a new driver

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Learning to drive is so expensive, and that is before you even start paying for your own car, tax, insurance and fuel. I was fortunate that my parents paid for my driving lessons when I turned 17, but after I started dating Tony is became apparent that he needed to learn to drive.


The first driving lesson

I had decided that I would teach Tony to drive to save some money – he could “top up” later with a driving instructor. Insuring him to drive my car wasn't cheap, but I was undeterred. Insurance and L plates purchased, we headed off to a quiet industrial street and started our first lesson. I calmly explained how to start the car and a few minutes later we were off. Approaching the junction onto a busier road, I asked Tony to stop. Slight problem though…I hadn't told him how to stop the car.

That was our first and only driving lesson together!

Driving in America

Tony started learning to drive with a local driving instructor, and although the process was both long and expensive, he passed his test a month before we headed to America for our honeymoon. This meant that he would be driving whilst we were on honeymoon so that I could enjoy the occasional drink or just take a break from driving.

Driving in America came with a whole host of issues to contend with – Tony had just passed his driving test so he didn't have a lot of  driving experience, we hired an automatic card and of course, the big on, they drive on the other side of the road in America! It took a few days before I felt confident enough to let Tony drive…and I wish I hadn't! Thankfully he managed to keep on our side of the road, but there were times where he didn't brake early enough or didn't quite manage to stop at stop signs.

I was a nervous wreck and even shouted on a few occasions when I was scared that something was doing to happen. I've been accused of being a nervous passenger…and I think that might be right!

I'm glad to say that his driving is great now – being in a different country with little experience and so many things different was tough. I can't wait until we are back in February and being able to completely relax when he takes the wheel!

Saving with More Than's Telematics

More Than know that insuring young drivers can be the biggest cost associated with driving, with premiums often into £thousands per year. So they have created MORE TH>N SM>RT WHEELS. It is a black box (telematics) placed inside your car to help build up a picture of your driving style. Over time it will calculate the type of driver that you are, based on your driving patterns, and reward you accordingly.

Driving safely, smoothly, staying within the speed limits and not braking excessively will help you to earn rewards and you can get up to 10% of your premium back in the first year of driving.

All you have to do is drive safely – by driving smoothly, staying within the speed limits and not braking excessively – and you could get up to 10% of your premium back in the first year through your SM>RT WHEELS Card.

Would you have a black box installed in your car to measure your driving ability?


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