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This post was originally published in 2014 and has now been updated. I hope you enjoy it!

Going to the cinema is expensive, but I am going to tell you how we get to watch as many films as we want for just £16.90 a month and enjoy 25% off any snacks that we buy at the cinema – including popcorn, drinks, meal deals, Baskin Robins ice cream and even sweets! Plus you get get one month completely free!


Right now, my nearest Cineworld charges £9 in the day and a massive £10.50 for an evening showing for a simple 2D film. However, you can get the Cineworld Unlimited card for just £16.90 a month! You can see as many films as you want included in that £16.90.

For the first year you will be a red card holder, meaning you need to pay an uplift for 3D screenings and you only get 10% off cinema snacks. After a year you will automatically be upgraded to a black card member, meaning your discount goes up to 25% on snacks and you don't have to pay the 3D film uplift (you will still need to buy 3D glasses though!)

You can still book your tickets online, meaning you can choose your seats ahead of the rush!

You can buy the Unlimited card in person or online – I opted for online as you can upload your own photo and save time at the cinema. I was able to print off a temporary card and use it that same day to go and see a film. You can opt to pay monthly or for the year in advance – there's no discount for paying it all upfront, so I decided to pay monthly. The first payment is due when signing up, and subsequent payments are taken via Direct Debit.

How much we have saved

Even though our nearest Cineworld cinema is an hour away, we have still managed to save a nice amount of money! Over the last 12 months I have been tracking this and we have saved £127 each on cinema tickets alone! We have also saved over £100 in cinema snacks and the 25% discount makes them a more affordable treat.

Get one month free

If you would like to get one month of free Cineworld membership then use either of these codes when signing up.

  • 24VB-07EJ-74CL-16LS
  • RAF-07GR-59RW-05PQ-69UW

Please note that the free month's membership will apply after an initial 12 month period.

Do you enjoy going to the cinema?

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