How to save money on toilet roll

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Toilet roll is an everyday necessity for most of us (this isn't a post about a bidet vs bog roll!) and something we often don't want to scrimp on – after all, economy value toilet paper isn't particularly pleasant – the only thing worse is the tracing paper used to pass as toilet paper in schools! However, there are still plenty of ways to save money on your toilet roll!

Buy in bulk

Buying your toilet paper in bulk is easily one of the best ways to save money.

Living Social Loo Roll

Deal buying websites, like Living Social, always have a deal on loo roll. Living Social have 54 toilet rolls for £7.99, 108 toilets rolls for £14.99 or 162 toilet rolls for just £21.99. There is a £5.99 delivery fee too, so it might be worth buying as many as you can in one order. If you would rather stick to a brand name that you know and love, Amazon have 45 rolls of Andrex for sale for £16.88 – even less if you want to subscribe for a regular delivery. This makes each roll just 38p, compared to 61.5p at Tesco. If you don't have enough storage space available then why not share the order between your friends and family members?

Sell your empty loo roll tubes

This might sound crazy, but did you know that empty toilet paper tubes actually sell on eBay? This lot of 6 empty toilet roll tubes sold for £10, so if you are patient enough to collect your empty loo roll tubes then you can make some extra money towards the cost of new loo rolls, and know that your empty loo rolls as destined to be reused.

Buy better quality

You may have heard the saying “buy cheap, pay twice”, and this can be applied to toilet roll. Cheaper, economy branded toilet paper isn't as thick (or soft) meaning that you need to use more. Buying better quality loo roll, such as triple ply, means that it will go further and you won't need to buy as much.

Squash your roll

If you have children or someone in your home who is “pulling friendly” then squash your loo roll a little before placing it on the holder. This stops the roll from spinning as freely, meaning less loo roll is used – saving you money!

Use facilities elsewhere

You have to be really serious about saving money to make this a regular habit (no pun intended)…but you can consider more regular use of the toilet in places outside of your home, where loo roll is freely provided. Your workplace, supermarkets, friends and family houses…the sky is the limit.

Turn your toilet paper around

Clearly, the correct way to hang your toilet paper is away from the wall, and anyone who says otherwise is wrong.


However, if you are prepared to step away from what is socially acceptable and hang your loo roll the wrong way on your holder, this naturally makes you use less, because it doesn't flow off so easily. Give it a try!

Alternatively, you could just think that there are more important things in the world to worry about than saving money on bog roll and just

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2 Comments on “How to save money on toilet roll”

  1. I love this post….Great ideas.
    My dad gets toilet roll in bulk from the cash & carry and brought us so much just before Christmas and we’re still working our way through it…lol

  2. The other thing to think about is storage – I bulk-bought and it was much cheaper, but I ended up storing rolls all over the place as I lived in a flat with no garage or shed.

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