How to save money on plus size bras

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How to save money on plus size bras

I don't know if you have seen the price of a good quality bra lately, but it makes my eyes water! As if that isn't pricey enough, getting your hands on a good quality plus size bra, for a decent price, can be really difficult! Here is how to save money on plus size bras.

How to save money on plus size bras

Get properly measured

If you want to save money on plus size bras, it is really important to get measured properly. This does mean popping into a store that offers a bra measuring service, and let's be honest here, if can feel mortifying. But the actual measuring is fine! Remember that these ladies do this day in, day out, and they won't even remember you in a week's time. They are highly professional and it is their job.

If you really, absolutely cannot bring yourself to go into a store, then check out this bra fitting guide to allow you to do it yourself, in the comfort of your own home.

If you don't get measured properly then you can't save money on plus size bras because you will have to buy new ones to replace your ill fitting ones.

Save money on plus size bras at Simply Be

I always get my bras from Simply Be because I have found them to offer great value for money on good quality plus size bras. Not to mention that when I do come across my size in a high street store, it is expensive and usually pretty ugly! They have a wide range of plus size bras to choose from, so you don't have to settle for frumpy bras!

save money on plus size bras

save money on plus size bras

Simply Be kindly sent me some items to try out, and I have been loving these Ella bras, which come in a two pack, one black and one white, which is perfect for every day wear. They're super comfy, and a steal at £15 per bra.

save money on plus size bras

I also chose this Pretty Secrets padded bra for something a bit more special – again, great value at £18! It will be perfect for this dress.

At Simply Be, you can pop your size into the filters and only show bras that are in your size, which saves tons of time shopping!

Shop in the sales

Simply Be often have some great sales on plus size bras, meaning that you can pick up a great bargain. They even have some bras heavily reduced at the moment, so you can pick them up for just £5!

Plus size bra care

One easy way to save money on plus size bras is to take care of them properly. A well looked after bra will last you a long time.

Every bra will come with a wash care label, so be sure to read it, but typically you will need to:

  • Hand wash your bras in cool water
  • If you don't want to hand wash your bras, use a delicates bag.
  • Use a delicates detergent
  • Don't wring them out
  • Never put them in the tumble dryer
  • Don't put them on a radiator
  • Just let them drip dry

A bra gives its best support within the first six months of use, which is important to bear in mind.

How to save money on plus size bras

I was kindly gifted items for inclusion in this blog post. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 


4 Comments on “How to save money on plus size bras”

  1. I used to love the Tango bra by Panache. It was soo comfy and well worth the price.
    However the last 4 I purchased have had the wire pop out within the first 5 wears (2 of them on the first wear! Embarrassing as I was at work both times)
    I have been on the look out for decent plus size bras ever since. But didn’t think to look on simply be

  2. I find Asda have a great range of plus sized bras at bargain prices too. But the straps tend up crinkle and can get a bit uncomfortable after a while

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