How to save money on eBay

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Last year saw a lot of exciting things in our business, and one of the main things was that we officially started our eBay reselling business. Along the way we learned a lot, and today I want to tell you about a tool that has been extremely useful in helping us.

When it comes to sourcing items to resell, like many of you, we have struggled a little.

Our local charity shops charge extortionate prices for items – Primark clothes are often marked as more than they cost new! That's something that I have heard from a lot of you too. The charity shops in your area aren't worth setting foot in if you are planning on reselling, and finding places to source stock

We've managed to find a few places to source items, and one of the best ones has been using an app and website called Bidkit (recently rebranded from eBay Hero).

Bidkit allows you to search through eBay auctions for various things, including:

  • Local collection only deals
  • Spelling mistakes
  • eBay's daily deals
  • Unwanted prizes
  • Unwanted gifts
  • Like new items
  • Night-time auctions
  • Penny auctions
  • Items with no bids
  • Expensive items on eBay

We mostly use it to search for local collection only deals, using keywords like ‘car boot sale' and ‘job lot'.

We managed to get one of our best ever reselling hauls using the app. We paid just £5.50 for a car boot job lot that was collection only. The pictures weren't that great, but for £5.50 we thought we would take the risk.

It paid off really well – the job lot was amazing!

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It filled our car, and straight away we scanned the DVDs, CDs, games and books to send to Music Magpie and Ziffit – where we made over £40.

Then slowly over the coming months we sold the rest of the items and made a great profit. We even ticked off an item from the ‘You aren't a reseller until you sell…' list

It also made an appearance in this reselling haul:

We've been continuing to use Bidkit to search for stock for our reselling business as well as personal purchases and it is a really fun tool to use!

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