How to save money on everyday items

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We’ve all looked forlornly at our bank statements from time to time and found they’re a little bit lighter in cash than we expected. Usually, the main culprits are the incremental costs that accrue without being noticed, such as food shopping, bills, and treats. Help is at hand though – these six tips will help you save a respectable sum each month.


Planning meals

How many people hand this out as good advice, but actually go on to do it? According to Resourceful Cook planning meals could save a ‘wasteful person poor at sticking to plans with four children’ nearly £2,400 a year. Researching meals and buying wisely, in bulk where necessary, can also be a much healthier option.

Switching from smoking to vaping

The health benefits of vaping compared to smoking are still largely up for conjecture; some campaigners are unsure that there are any at all, others believe one could be a gateway to the other. What isn’t up for debate is the financial savings that can be made through reverting to vaping, which could be as much as £3,000 a year for a heavy smoker. Also, the depth of variety in the exciting flavours produced by e-liquid labs adds an enjoyable angle to the changeover.

Re-using items

Re-using food packaging such as glass coffee jars will save you money when you need to buy containers… for other foods. In fact, virtually every household item has another use.
A plastic bottle can be turned into a hose spray, a snack dispenser, or even a vase. The best location for a huge host of ideas is Pinterest – find out more here.


If you haven’t got somewhere to store all those coupons, offers, vouchers and upcoming sales, then you’re potentially missing out on big savings across a year. A simple way to remember to use them is to get a cheap diary and write down the dates the vouchers expire.

Social media is a great way to keep informed, while more companies are now signing up to proximity marketing; sign up to receive items from your favourite restaurants/retail areas, and you’ll receive SMS message on your phone telling you of offers and sales when you’re nearby – ideal for bagging a treat that you wouldn’t have known about otherwise.


A piece on saving money on your vehicle could take up 10,000 words alone, but suggestions include:

  • Buying a newer vehicle that is more economical and needs less attention and repairs
  • Driving it wisely, with less harsh braking and better gear changes, to get more economy from your travelling.
  • Use apps such as Lyft and Justpark to both save and make money from your car.


The first rule of saving money for insurance and utilities should be spelled out in capital letters: PRICE COMPARISON SITES. It’s all too easy just to let house, contents and car insurances renew automatically, but is it really worth wasting tens or hundreds of pounds compared to making one phone call to cancel and spending a few minutes typing in details to find juicier deals?

Don’t forget broadband. Telephone your satellite subscription company to try to wangle a better cost, making sure to play the loyalty and ‘this is too expensive and I’d like to cancel' cards nice and early in the conversation.

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