Save money during Christmas using the Ashleigh Shopping Club

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As you all know I'm a huge fan on anything that allows me to save money whilst doing my shopping and on the run up to Christmas I've discovered an amazing club that has just launched called Ashleigh Shopping Club. Get ready to save some money!

What is the Ashleigh Shopping Club?

The Ashleigh Shopping Club has just recently launched and allows you to save money every time you shop. Upon joining you'll get access to instant and exclusive discounts at 100's of your favourite retailers both online and instore. These include big brands such as Primark, TK Maxx, Boots, Topshop… and so many more!

Perks of the joining the Ashleigh Shopping Club

There are loads of perks for joining the Ashleigh Shopping Club.

A fantastic perk of joining the Ashleigh Shopping club is that the discounts you receive ARE stackable. So for example, if the store you're shopping in has a 50% discount and you're an Ashleigh Shopping Club member you will get a FURTHER discount on top, how great is that? They always want to ensure their customers pay the best prices, so if you use them wisely, you'll end up getting some amazing bargains.

One of the best perks is that you will get a 7% discount when topping up the card. That means that when you upload £100 to the card, you actually only pay £93 saving you £7.

How to use the Ashleigh shopping club card

There are two ways you can use your membership and these are online and in-store.

In Store

To use your membership in store, you will upload money onto your membership and you will make an instant 7% saving right there and then. So if you upload £100 to your membership, you will only pay £93 but will have £100 to use in store.


Or, if you prefer to shop online, you can use your membership to buy instant discount codes which will save you up to 15%, all with the Ashleigh Shopping Club brands.

How much the Ashleigh Shopping Club costs

Joining the Ashleigh Shopping Club costs just £10 per year, or you can spread out your membership and pay £1 per month (£12 per year).

How I plan on using my card

Spending for Christmas is really expensive, so by using the Ashleigh Shopping Club card I can instantly save money topping up the card. Saving £7 per £100 put onto the card means I can afford to slip some extra treats into my trolley this Christmas.

It will be great for not only Christmas food, but also for Christmas gifts.

Not only is it great for Christmas spending, but also to help out in January when money is a bit tighter than usual.

Act Fast!

If you are interested in joining the Ashleigh Shopping Club yourself you can sign up here, but I'd recommend doing this sooner rather than later as there are only a limited number of cards left for this year! They also have loads of competitions lined up for their new members too so now is a great time to join!

Using the Ashleigh Shopping Club will help make sure you always get the best price for the things you buy and has been a fantastic tool for me whilst planning my Christmas shopping.

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