Roamler – smart phone app for earning

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Roamler - smart phone app for earning


The site:

Roamler is a smart phone (iPhone and Android) app that pays you to carry out audit jobs in supermarkets and restaurants.

Roamler - smart phone app for earning by Emma at #SmartApp #Budgeting

How to earn:
Roamler offer you a variety of jobs, based on your location. Simply open Roamler to see what jobs are available to you. The jobs are different and interesting, ranging from checking local take away menus for accuracy to photographing bananas in supermarkets. There are tasks all over the UK, so you're never short of something to do to earn points or cash.


Payment method(s) and thresholds:
You need to request your payout on the Roamler website and payments are made instantly via Paypal. Whilst there is no minimum payment threshold, there is a small processing fee for payments under £20.

My verdict:
I'm really enjoying the tasks that Roamler set. Alongside their paid tasks they also have tasks that earn you extra XP points. The higher your level, the more job opportunities there are open to you. Roamler also make it fun by awarding you badges as you complete your missions. The staff are friendly – I made a mistake with a job and they gave me the chance to redo it after I sent them a message. The jobs are steadily trickling in, and as Roamler becomes more known in the UK, more jobs are appearing. The jobs are fun too, and I think Roamler is here to stay!

Roamler - smart phone app for earning


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    1. I don’t think I did. If you let me know your Twitter username (if you have one) I might be able to send you a tweet with a sign up link 🙂

  1. Hi Emma,
    I signed up for Rambler but need a code or invite. Is there anyway you could help. Love the website by the way .Its got me completely hooked !

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