Reverse wash your hair – 6 months on

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Earlier this year I blogged about the idea of reverse washing your hair – simply put, you condition and then shampoo your hair. I saw amazing results, and at the time of writing my post I had only tried it twice, but my hair was left feeling lighter, softer and took less time to dry. Now that was a few months ago, it is time for an update.

I am surprised to say that this still works for me. Out of six hair washes, I will typically do one the traditional way (shampoo then condition) and the other five times I stick to reverse hair washing. I do it the traditional way when my hair is perhaps a little dryer than usual and needs some extra conditioning. I have noticed some great improvements to my hair:

  • Being in a much better condition – in fact I got away with only having two hair cuts since April – and the second one was just a week ago.
  • Growing at a great rate.
  • More manageable.
  • Takes less time to blow dry.
  • Soft.
  • Able to use any shampoo and conditioner, I no longer have to stick to one brand.

I have also used this method whilst we were in Florida, where my hair was exposed to the sun and 35C daily, not to mention a ton of chlorine. I am definitely a convert to reverse washing my hair, and I will continue to do so.

If you tried reverse washing your hair, has it stuck with you?

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10 Comments on “Reverse wash your hair – 6 months on”

  1. I’m still reverse washing my hair after reading about it here a while ago. (Except some days when I’m on auto pilot and reach for the shampoo first…)

    I think it has made my hair a tiny bit less greasy though I already do quite well on that score as I only need to wash my hair every third day anyway, but often I can stretch it to four with some dry shampoo. My hair definitely dries more quickly now though, and that alone is worth the swap.

    1. The drying quicker now is definitely worth it! I have long, thick hair that takes ages to dry normally. Any time saved is a good thing!

  2. just done the reverse washing my hair this morning and I already feel that my hair is cleaner. I have got thick curly hair and it feels lighter somehow. I am definitely going to keep this up!

  3. I’ve been doing this since reading this post at the end of November, I don’t condition every time but when I do I certainly notice how little shampoo I need. I can see a slight difference and will continue to do it as it doesn’t take any more time (and saves me shampoo)

  4. How odd, as a hairdresser it goes against everything I know but hey I am always open to new ideas xx

  5. Pretty interesting idea! I will try this and see how it goes. I am always up for a change in pace! 🙂 Hopefully I will get some good results too!

  6. I’m intrigued to see if this works, I’m willing to try anything as my hair is so dull right now it can’t get any worse! Do you just condition the ends as normal or the whole head?

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