Recycle your broken GHDs for cash

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I was lucky enough to be bought a lovely pair of new straighteners for Christmas to replace my slightly dangerous straighteners, there was a loose connection somewhere that meant you could hear the electricity crackle. I looked into getting them repaired and then selling them on eBay but this didn't seem very cost effective. Many recycling websites offered around £12 for a working pair which mine were obviously not. Here is how to sell broken GHDs for cash. 

How to sell broken ghds for cash


I came across GHD Spares, a website specialising in spares and repairs where you can sell broken GHDs, they offer up to £20 per pair of straighteners. Perfect! You print off a straight forward form, add your details and then package up your straighteners. They recommend sending them by a recorded delivery service but I took my chance and just sent them second class for £2.60.
Three days later I received a cheque for £40 (I had another broken pair of my mums to send off, these were stuck in shiver mode and needed warming with a hairdryer every time you wanted to use them).
So if you have a broken pair of GHDs lying around, dig them out and send them off!
sell broken ghds for cash


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