Reasons why you should have more Instagram following

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These days, Instagram is ruling the social media world due to its unique features. That ‘why a lot of people are buying Instagram accounts to get instant fame. There are a lot of reasons that compel people to buy Instagram followers such as:

  • Instagram has ten times more brand engagement than its parent company Facebook, 54 times more than virtual pin board themed site Pinterest and 84 times more than micro-blogging site Twitter.
  • 1/3 of Instagram users have used their cell phones to buy products online that make this social media 70% more tend to do so. That's why it is easy to make money from your Instagram account.

Instagram has an enormous 500 million active users daily and climbing up day by day. The utmost popularity of Instagram is all due to its user-friendly interface and an increased range of capabilities. It is best photo sharing the app with a variety of video filters too. Instagram users use its all features and post a good mix of videos and photos on their stories that lure the audience and good for effective marketing strategies.

Reasons why you should buy Instagram accounts

Celebrities use Instagram to connect with their aficionados. This is not the channel for celebrities only, a lot of bloggers and influences also used this platform for their brand awareness. There are wide ranges of topics that you can find on Instagram such as travel, food, fashion, beauty, décor, sports and much more.

Instagram is used to promote stardom and endorse brands

Instagram has become a hub for promoting stardom and endorsement of brands and that ‘why people have resorted to sell and buy Instagram accounts. However, Instagram parent company and social media giant Facebook have mighty user base but people are moving to Instagram due to its functionality and unique features such as IGTV, Instagram stories etc. It is expected that Instagram will take the place of Facebook very soon because 90% of brands all over the world are using Instagram for their marketing. Moreover, a lot of influencers and bloggers are using this community for online income by advertising content of other people on their account. In fact, they are making thousands of dollars every month through advertising content. In the year 2017, $ 4.5 billion was spent on the brand advertisement and figures went sky high in the year 2018.

Instagram is used to create your own brand image:

Instagram is a great place to create your own brand image or channel for your brand but it is not easy to manage your account in a professional way. Influencers or independent bloggers put in hours to create an engaging post for the account. Moreover, interaction with your followers is very crucial when it comes to increasing engagement and the following count. Writing a good comment and caption that catch the attention of the audience is also a big task because it gives you incredible insight into fans. It gives you positive feedback that in turns more Instagram likes and followers. But it takes a lot of time to establish a powerful image of your brand ahead of your followers especially if you are beginning from scratch. These all reasons compel the users to buy Instagram accounts and they can get all the perks that influencers and bloggers are enjoying.

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