Poundland finds September 2014

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Here we are again with another round of Poundland finds – September 2014 edition.


I simply can't get enough of these Sally Hansen magnetic nail polishes. There seem to be more colours in Poundland every month.

I know that Vanish is not the most exciting product out there, but this is expensive stuff! I usually settle for a non-branded alternative, so I am glad to have found this.

It is always worth a look through the DVD selection for some bargains. For example:

The 40 Year Old Virgin is £2.50 on Amazon.
The Perfect Man is £2.77 on Amazon.
Snake Eyes is £2.65 on Amazon.

The books are also worth a look – they are brand new and often contain a selection of celebrity autobiography, recipe books, educational books and fiction. There are some really great bargains, especially when you compare the prices to Amazon. For example:

The Dinosaur Feather is £6.39 on Amazon. How to Leave Twitter is £5.59 on Amazon.
The Raw Man is a whopping £14.68 in hardcover on Amazon.
The Elephant Keeper's Children is a whopping £15.23 in hardcover on Amazon.

IMG_8790.JPGAnd finally, no trip to Poundland would be complete without looking for American food goodies. This time, only Lucky Charms were to be found, in the individual sized pots.

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  1. Thanks for this, I just love this series! We always stock up on Vosene and Arm and Hammer toothpaste

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