Poundland finds May 2015

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Poundland finds May 2015

I love a good rummage around Poundland, and this month proved no different. Once again all these items were found in the Hardwick Road, King's Lynn Poundland store.


These Jolly Ranchers are £3.20 on Amazon, and there are some other American sweets for sale. Let me know what you've found in your local store!

The Sealed Letter – £7.99 on Amazon
Weekends with Daisy – £6.99 on Amazon
It Happened In Paris – £8.99 on Amazon


Children's Cinderella coat hangers – 3 per pack.


The Weight Watchers selection in Poundland has grown to include some new items.



Poundland's new make up range has been gaining interest all over the internet, and you might like this Buzzfeed article I Tried Everything in Poundland's Make Up Range.


If Frozen fever has hit your house then you might want to grab one of these hair wraps. If anyone can let me know whether they fit adults then please do!


I love a good rummage through Poundland's DVDs, and this month was no different! One of the best deals is Skateland which is on sale on Amazon for £7.97.

wpid-wp-1431596411393.jpegWhilst Johnson's baby products usually retail under £2, supermarkets tend to price them from £1.25+. Not worth a trip just to grab some, but if you are there anyway then you may as well stock up.

What bargains have you picked up from Poundland recently?

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  1. Last time I was in Poundland (Livingston) they had loads of refurbed and sealed DVDs and CDs – good ones! Great find on the Robinson’s Squashed – I’d never pay full price, but when in Poundland ..

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