Poundland finds – April 2014

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I love having a good rummage around Poundland as there's always something exciting to be found amongst the utter tat. Although I do love their tat too.


I popped in to the King's Lynn (town centre) Poundland store mid-April and found some brilliant bargains that I had to share with you.


First up in pole position is this Carmex lipbalm in a stick! I have a bit of an addiction to Carmex stick balms, but they're a massive £3.25 each in Boots. I tend to stock up whilst we're in America for $1 each, but finding them in the UK for £1 each is amazing.


Sinful colours nail polishes are fast becoming my new favourites, even over OPI. There's no chipping and the colour range is fantastic. They sell for £1.99 in Boots, so finding them in Poundland makes them half price.


I really couldn't resist getting this Sally Hansen magnetic nail colour for £1. You can see the finished results in a photo I tweeted here – bearing in mind I'm not a beauty blogger so I hadn't tidied them up or sorted my cuticles. The effect was brilliant, I'm very impressed for £1!


Various DVDs for £1 – Russell Kane – Smokescreens & Castles Live is £3.40 on Amazon, Paddy McGuiness Double Play saturday night live tour is £2.98 on Amazon and even Thomas, Percy & The Coal is £2.79.

What do you think of my Poundland finds?

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14 Comments on “Poundland finds – April 2014”

  1. I love looking around the local Poundland. I always come out with a bag full goodies. They sell Weight Watchers snacks for half the price you would pay in the local supermarket.

  2. I love Pound Land – Big shout out to all the Pound Lands out there! I love your finds, especially the Carmex lip balm – what a bargain! I found some Maybelline nail varnish in there a few months ago…you’ve reminded me to pop in to my local pound land again! p.s pls check out my blog http://www.sarassimplyliving.com – I’m trying to be thriftier and clear my debts & live a simple life -appreciating the small stuff 🙂

  3. Good job on the Carmex find! I walked straight past a Poundland today, now I wish I’d gone in!

  4. My local poundland sells a Stila compact foundation. I don’t think this particular one is normally sold in the UK but Stila foundation normally costs £20 odd pound so this is a bargain!!

  5. I love the new king’s lynn store on the hardwick brilliant for marvel dvds which keep my boys ( son and partner) happy

    1. Oh great! I saw it last week but we were driving past after it was shut. Does this mean you’re somewhat local to me? I live a few miles outside of Ely 🙂

  6. Great finds! These kind of posts are always fun, don’t we all love a good bargain! I hope you’re having a great week!

    1. It was so much fun, and I can definitely use “going shopping as blog research” as a genuine excuse now…

  7. I made a. Big detour on my lunch break yesterday to one of the few Poundlands in Central London, though I still had to walk through a housing estate to find it! I was after the new Jane Asher baking range, unfortunately they had sold out of most of it (thee is a cake carry case which would normally cost about 20 quid elsewhere) but I did manage to get a few things from the range, and a few other things besides- I spent 25 quid!

  8. Such fab finds- espesh the carmex lip balm because lets be honest, they are normally not cheap!
    I love poundland – many people find it really strange that I buy from there but I’m a sucker for a bargain! When I went up to Newcastle, I needed a drink so I went in to poundland to get 2 drinks for a £1 and while I was in there I showed my friend all the beauty bargains they get in there now… she left with 2 sinful colours nail varnishes and told me she was going in there more often haha!
    I can get carried away in there though- it’s hard not to tbh!

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