Who pays the most? Cost of living in major world cities compared

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We’ve all seen headlines exclaiming that London is the most expensive city in the world to live in. Indeed, just ask anyone on the streets of the capital be they a resident, a commuter or a tourist and they will readily agree that London certainly puts a strain on their pocket. But is it really the most expensive city in the world?

Online lender 247Moneybox have conducted their own research using crowdsourced data from Numbeo and turned it into an infographic which you can see below. The results do confirm the generally held notion that London is an expensive place to call home, however it’s certainly not the most expensive with New York taking that title in the products and services samples by the firm.

Indeed, in these tough economic times that is probably little comfort to know that whilst there are more expensive cities out there, there are also a lot more where the cost of living is less. No wonder Vancouver comes out on top in surveys of great cities to live in where the cost of a 1 bed apartment in a central location is £762 less than the equivalent in London! That’s a lot of extra Canadian cinema trips and cappuccino’s!


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