Our wedding favours (including free printable)

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Our wedding favours originally started as something completely different, but upon making them we discovered that they were rubbish. With a bit of tweaking, we arrived at our final product.


Items used:

  • Mini flavoured vodka – we picked these up in America for just $0.99 at Walmart. You can also get them from most supermarkets (although there isn't such a big selection of flavours) and Amazon (12 for £21.18). We have around 50 left over if anyone really wants some – get in touch!
  • Paper straws – 99p for 20-25 from Home Bargains, QD Stores and the like.
  • String – this was £1.50 from Wilko.
  • Cardboard – we needed 3 sheets.
  • Hole punch.

How we made our favours

We started off by creating the “Drink Me” tags using Paint Shop Pro. We downloaded a free Alice in Wonderland font, alongside a selection of black and white images from Alice in Wonderland. Once created, we popped these into a table on Word and copied and pasted enough to fill a page. We then printed a draft on white paper, and using pinking shears, we cut one out. Punching a hole in the corner, we then cut lengths of string and tied the “Drink Me” label to the bottle. Once successfully tied on, it took a bit of manoeuvring to get the paper straws tied on, but once they were on we finished them off with a bow.


Total cost

Our wedding favours came to a total cost of 72p each, even accounting for the ink used! Of course, if we didn't already have pinking shears this would have added an additional £5.89 to our total cost – although they look just as good cut with scissors or a guillotine.

Free printable

If you would like to create something similar, I have included a free printable for you to use.

drink me printable

Click here to download

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  1. very good idea when on a tight budget. Also I would rather see and recieve this at a wedding than anything that was just bought

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