The Orchard at Tesco has closed: now what?

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The Orchard at Tesco has closed: now what?

The Orchard at Tesco was a fantastic program where members received generous coupons to spend in various departments in Tesco stores. Over the course of the program I have enjoyed some fantastic freebies, from ice cream to joints of meat. However, Tesco have recently closed this program. Now that The Orchard at Tesco has closed, you might be looking for other ways to save money on your grocery shopping, or get money off at the supermarket.

Back in March, members of The Orchard at Tesco received the following email:

Now that The Orchard at Tesco has closed, you might be wondering how you can save money on your groceries. The good news is that there are still plenty of opportunities to get free products from supermarkets, get supermarket gift cards or coupons.

Get freebies using your phone

Did you know that there are smartphone apps that will give you freebies from supermarkets? Getting started is really simple – just download the free apps and browse through the offers. These offers can be cashback or even cover your entire purchase. Head to a participating supermarket, make your purchase and upload your receipt. You will then get the money paid back as cashback.

The apps we use are:

Get £5 off at major supermarkets

A great way to save money at the supermarket is to purchase discounted gift cards from people selling their unwanted gift cards. I buy mine from Zeek, who vet the cards beforehand to make sure that they are genuine. If you are interested in trying Zeek, and getting £5 free towards your first purchase then once you have downloaded the app, enter code 2ZY1KIA6 to get £5 added to your account for free!

I often get Sainsbury's gift vouchers, because we buy our cat litter, cat food and bottled water from Sainsbury's.

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Earn supermarket vouchers

Did you know that you can earn supermarket vouchers, or even cash, for completing online surveys?

These online surveys take anything from a few minutes to an hour or more to complete, and you are typically paid more for the longer surveys.

Each survey site offers different payment methods, from cash to supermarket vouchers (and some of them offer Amazon gift cards too).

Finding decent survey websites can be hard, so here are my top ten survey websites.

Get free food with mystery shopping

Mystery shopping is a tool used by companies to evaluate their quality of service. Imagine a store knowing that a regional manager would be visiting the store – the store would be on “best behaviour” and the manager wouldn't know where the store is failing and where they are excelling.

Companies employ outside mystery shopping agencies to recruit mystery shoppers to carry out assignments. These shoppers will act like a normal customer and look at certain aspects of the service they receive. The shopper then completes a report after the assignment and receives a payment for doing so.

You can mystery shop all sorts of places – I have visited major supermarkets as a mystery shopper, and lots of restaurants.

Here is everything you need to know about mystery shopping in the UK, including my favourite companies to register with.

Pick up receipts from the ground

You have probably heard the saying that one man's trash is another man's treasure, but did you know that there is a whole money saving trend dedicated to scavenging discarded receipts? This trend, known as wombling, allows savvy consumers the chance to earn money off vouchers, get coupons, loyalty points or even earn cashback on shopping that they haven't had to do in the first place. The name “wombling” comes from The Wombles. Many people report to save around £200 every month on their groceries from wombling, and there is a massive community of people who womble on a regular basis. But is it one money saving trend that has gone too far? Here are my top tips for wombling.

Earn money from your receipts

Receipt Hog is an app that pays you to snap a picture of your receipt. Getting paid for shopping might sound too good to be true, but this is a way to make money from all the receipts you get from your shopping trips – whether you are visiting a supermarket or your local corner shop, you can still benefit from snapping pictures of your receipts. Click here to read more about Receipt Hog.


These ideas will help you to continue to save money on your groceries, even though The Orchard at Tesco has closed.

The Orchard at Tesco has closed: now what?

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