November 2015 online income report

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How I made £3500 online in November 2015

Hello and welcome to November 2015's monthly income report.

I am finally fully self employed! 20th November was my last day at work which means I have enjoyed ten days of the self employed lifestyle in November and so far I am loving it! Of course ten days isn't long enough to let me know if I really like it, but it has been a good start. However, I did have tonsillitis for over two weeks which really made things difficult.

How I made £3500 online in November 2015

Publishing my income holds me accountable to you, my readers. I want to achieve, I want to earn and quite frankly, I want you to congratulate me! I am able to look back at previous months when I need some more motivation or ideas to continue. Most importantly, I want to tell you how you can be making money! You might just want to make enough to cover your holiday spending money or you might want to quit your job all together. Whatever your financial needs are, you can earn extra. You can check out October's earnings here.

In November we have continued working alongside each other as a couple. Tony still isn't back at work following his knee injury, and now that it has been over 3 months we are starting to get worried about whether he will ever be able to return to his job.

I am really thrilled that we met our goal of £2,000 this month before we added our matched betting income. I love matched betting a lot, but I don't like relying on it for income. So here you have it – my extra online earnings for November 2015. This is money I have earned this month – some of it won't be paid for another 30-90 days though.

Matched Betting – £951.23

I feel as though I am going to blame tonsillitis and time for all my shortcomings this month, but I felt as though matched betting really took the back seat in November…but it turns out that it hasn't! It remains our single biggest earner and I have had a great month with offers. Two bookies have “gubbed” us, which means we can no longer claim the free bets they offer, but this still hasn't impacted our earnings too much. Remember that matched betting is a tax free, risk free and legal way to earn some extra cash.

We are still using Profit Accumulator as a tool and you can see all my previous matched betting income reports:

Remember that month 3 also overlaps into October – from now on I will be reporting the matched betting income monthly.

Affiliate earnings – £826.78

Affiliate earnings have continued to be a big earner in November, in fact there is a great improvement on October's affiliate earnings. I really wanted to utilise Black Friday and post lots of offers, but both time and tonsillitis were against me (there I go again, blaming the same two things!). However, I am really happy with November's earnings, and I am determined to increase this in December. There is still one program that out performs the others (with £763.98 coming from one program alone) so I want to look at more ways to promote this, but I also realise the importance of improving my other affiliate earnings.

Website earnings – £584.91

Between us we currently have five websites, all earning us an income from various sources. These earnings are for non-affiliate earnings – so sponsored posts and advertising (through Google's Adsense). November saw the websites earn £584.91, which is the total received for advertising and sponsored posts (after fees). Last month I removed adverts from From Aldi To Harrods, and I have seen a great improvement elsewhere. 

My top blogging resources
Here are the products, services, courses and books I have used to get my blog to where it is today – earning me £thousands every single month.

Running my blog

TSO Host – Website hosting If you are looking to get your website up and running, I recommend using TSO host. Hosting packages start from just £1.25 a month!  Click here to visit my tutorial on building a self hosted Wordpress website with TSO Host. Studiopress – Wordpress theme The Genesis framework for Wordpress is fantastic, and I am using the “Brunch Pro” theme to create the website that you see in front of you. Click here to visit Studiopress and browse their available Wordpress themes. Pretty Link – makes affiliate link management a breeze I am now using the pro version of this plugin but the free version takes an affiliate link and makes them pretty. The pro version comes with some added bonuses, but the free lite version is fantastic too. Click here to get Pretty Link.

Courses & books

Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing e-course – Michelle, who runs the course, is making a massive $50,000 (£38,000) a month from affiliates alone. Can you even begin to imagine what you would do with an income like that? In this course Michelle shares her tips and strategies for being successful at affiliate marketing. There are also some great course bonuses including a dedicated Facebook group where Michelle offers her personal help. Click here to take a look at the Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing e-course.  Elite Blog Academy e-course is a wonderful e-course that I started earlier this year. Since implementing the changes I have learned on this course I have seen both my traffic and my income increase! When you register your interest in the course you will receive a FREE copy of 7 Surefire Ways to Boost Your Blog Income Overnight. Click here to register your interest in the Elite Blog Academy and get a FREE copy of 7 Surefire Ways to Boost Your Blog Income Overnight 17 Strategies I Used To Go From 17k to 350k+ Page Views in 9 Months – in this fantastic ebook Lena shares her tried and tested tips for increasing her pageviews over a 9 month period. I have started implementing some of the hints and tips that Lena shares and I am already seeing some growth. Click here to get your copy of 17 Strategies I Used To Go From 17k to 350k+ Page Views in 9 Months Will It Fly?: How to Test Your Next Business Idea So You Don't Waste Your Time and Money by Pat Flynn – I have only recently discovered Pat Flynn but I am amazed by what he is achieving. This is a great resource to help you figure out if your business idea will work – you will figure out whether your business idea has merit, whether it will succeed in the market you want to service and whether it is a good idea for YOU. Click here to get your copy of Will It Fly?: How to Test Your Next Business Idea So You Don't Waste Your Time and Money by Pat Flynn

Gift vouchers – £105

Some of the things I do, such as Instagc and Swagbucks and even some sponsored posts here pay out in gift vouchers. Whilst this isn't cash in our hands, we still like to count it. In November I earned £105 in Amazon gift vouchers. This amount is NOT included  in my income total for this month. 

Online surveys – £54.73

Prolific Academic continues to be my favourite survey site by far, with another month of over £40 coming from Prolific Academic. It was followed by a few payments from MintVine. I have cut down the number of online surveys I complete and this shows in my income from them.

Everything else – £1085.21

“Everything else” comprises of just that, everything else! November has been a real mish mash of things earning me money. I completed an offer at Topcashback, where you deposit £10 into a bingo website to get £26.25 cashback – so an easy £16.25 profit. I then went on to win £152 at the bingo website! I had similar success with the Booty Pirates offer which has really helped to boost my income.

I also have two freelancing clients covering 10 hours a week, which I am hoping to grow in 2016! Having regular clients helps me to plan ahead as well as having some guaranteed income.

My book sales have been slow and steady, I offered my book for free for 5 days around the Black Friday weekend, which helped to boost sales.

Everything else compromises of:

  • Bank account reward
  • Rent profit
  • Book sales
  • Freelance work
  • eBay sales
  • Smart phone apps
  • Winning at Lucky Phone
  • Website testing with WhatUsersDo

The total we have made is £3,502.86

Remember that this amount doesn't include tax, national insurance contributions, holiday pay and sick pay – for which we are putting aside 20-30% of our monthly income (excluding matched betting earnings as they are tax free).

Expenses – £269.78

There have, of course, been some expenses this month. They total £269.78 and consist of:

  • Paypal fees (when I have received payment)
  • eBay fees (for selling items)
  • Landlord costs (mortgage and home insurance – I opted to pay for my landlord insurance for the year, meaning a big chunk came out)
  • Buffer to schedule my social media posts.
  • Postage for eBay sales and competition prizes.
  • Competition prizes

Total for November 2015 (after expenses) £3,233.08

5 most popular posts in November

I have seen other bloggers include their most popular posts from the previous month, so I am excited to share mine with you. These are a mixture of posts that were published in November as well as previous posts that have been popular in November.

  1. Is Muscle Food good value for money?
  2. Win cash and other prizes with GeoTask
  3. Where to find Christmas hamper baskets on a budget
  4. 6 things to do when you can't pay this month's bills
  5. How to make £1,000 a month, every month

My thoughts

I can't believe that I have smashed my target for another month – and not just by a little bit – by over £1,000! This really encourages me and I am so glad I made the decision to leave my job. I am struggling a little with knowing when to stop working and setting boundaries. December is going to be another busy month and I can't wait to see how the earnings turn out.

My plans for the next month and beyond

My goal for December's earnings is £2,500. I would have preferred to leave this at £2,000….but I thought I would try to challenge myself! I've got a lot going on in December, with my blog anniversary giveaways, Tony's birthday was on the 1st and obviously Christmas, so my only plans are to keep ploughing on and start thinking about our big plans for 2016!

Do you like this income report? Would you like to see more of them in the future? Let us know your thoughts in the comments – we would love to hear from you.

How I made £3500 online in November 2015



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  1. Sorry to hear about your tonsils – I had mine out when I was 30 and would recommend it if you can get your GP to agree. I have also sent a request to join your Facebook match betting group as I am not earning hardly anything match betting and I have completed most of the sign up offers now. I thought I was keeping good records too :-/.

  2. Will you ever blog about how you earn money from your blog and websites? Affiliate programs you use etc etc? I’m sure a lot of us budding bloggers would love to know how to start with monetising our own blogs! 🙂

    1. Hi Jack, thanks for your comment! I am working on a really, really long guide which I hope to publish in 2016 🙂

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