November 2015 Goals

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I cannot begin to tell you how excited I am that November is here. November is the month that I finally leave my job – working a two month notice period has been tough and I even gave up most of my weekend to work, so I am looking forward to the 20th so much!

november-2015-goals-1We've set ourselves some goals for this month – my own goals, my husband's goals and goals for both of us to achieve. Here I'm going to share my own goals as well as our goals as a couple. Tony might blog about his goals himself.

My goals

1. To sell 20 things

This sort of ties in with one of our goals as a couple for the month, but I want to challenge myself to get 20 different items sold. I've got boxes and boxes of items that I have put aside to sell, but finding time to photograph and list them has been my downfall lately.

2. Blog Every Day in November

November is a crazy month, so why I decided that blogging every day in November was a good thing…I have no idea. By challenging myself to blog every day in November I am hoping to clear a backlog of posts that I just haven't had the time to get up. I will admit that some days I will write more than others, but you will see one post published every day in November – how exciting!

3. Finish my blog anniversary giveaways

Every single day in December you can win some awesome prizes, including cash! I will be celebrating my blog's 5th anniversary and what better way to celebrate than with giving away stuff! Unfortunately, writing up a post for every day in December, photographing the prizes and setting up the Rafflecopter widgets is taking a really long time. I want to get them all written this month so that there is no rushing in December. On top of publishing a post every day in November. I mentioned that I'm crazy, right?

4. Start sorting the filing cabinet

So exiting, I know. Our filing cabinet is a mess, I can never lay my hands on paperwork and I am determined to fix this. There is no way that I can finish it this month, so I want to at least make a start.

5. Finish my freelance website

I already have two freelance clients, but come 20th November I would like some more! There are loads of places online to apply for extra work, but I feel that having my own portfolio/freelance website is important. I have the domain, I have a theme and I just need to get my content sorted.

6. Revive Make Money Without a Job

I love building websites, but actually keeping them updated…I definitely fall down. I have been spending a lot of time trying to decide whether I want to keep all my content here or post over to Make Money Without A Job and I have decided that I want the two to be separate. Not only will I be blogging every day in November here, but I'll be coming up with a realistic posting schedule for MMWAJ.

7. Leave work!

There's nothing more I can do for this goal except to wait for time to pass! There are tasks I really need to get done that may eat into more of my weekends though.

Our goals as a couple

  • Earn £2,000 extra online
  • Enter 500 competitions
  • Declutter our fireplace
  • Declutter under the stairs
  • Declutter our back door
  • Clean the windows before the bad weather sets in
  • Start looking at matched betting accumulators (we've not had the time to do these yet)
  • Re-join the gym
  • Stick to a household budget of £200 for November to include food, toiletries, cleaning products and meals out.

If you have a goals blog post then please let me know the link as I'd love to see what you've got planned. Even if you don't blog, let me know your goals for this month!

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31 Comments on “November 2015 Goals”

  1. Good luck with the filing cabinet. I finally did mine at work and my gosh it is so much better than before but it took a lot of patience x

  2. That sounds like a really busy month to me! we have so much stuff we need to sell too, we usually get to breaking point and do a car boot sale. But the money you earn is obviously a lot less than you would get online. x

    1. We’ve cheated and all the car boot stuff is in my Dad’s shed! We did one earlier this year and made something like £94 so I can’t wait to do another one.

  3. Gosh these are some great goals!!! Hope you manage to achieve all of them, god knows I couldn’t!! The idea to sell 20 things is a good one. I sold some of my clothes rather successfully on eBay last year and have been meaning to do this again but keep forgetting! Thanks for reminding me and good luck!

  4. Great goals. I’m in the middle of sorting all our paperwork at the moment. It’s a big job but it’ll be worth it when it’s finished.

  5. Woah, you’ve got a busy month ahead. I don’t know how you are going to blog each day! I struggle with just twice a week! Good luck though! I’m looking forward to entering all your giveaways.

    1. Hi Ana, the easiest ways for me were to include Adsense, Skimlinks and accept sponsored posts. Good luck!

  6. Oh how exciting! Good luck with everything. I love your blog and need to find time to fully explore it. Kaz x

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