No-nonsense banking with Pockit

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No-nonsense banking with Pockit

There are plenty of reasons why we are looking for alternatives to traditional banks these days. Whether it is because we don't have proof of address or we want to earn cashback on our spending, Pockit can help.

No-nonsense banking with Pockit

Who are Pockit?

Did you know that over eight million people in the UK either do not have a bank account or are poorly served by high-street banks? The knock on effect from this is that consumers are missing out on things like discounts for paying by Direct Debit (Three charge a massive £5 a month if you don't pay your bill by Direct Debit) or getting cheaper prices when they shop online.

Pockit are on a mission to change this by offering no-nonsense banking.

This means:

  • Accounts available to everyone, regardless of their income or credit status.
  • Fair fees without nasty surprises.
  • An online account.
  • A mobile app.
  • A pre-paid Mastercard (accepted at over 35 million locations worldwide).

Who is Pockit for?

Pockit has been created for fairer banking, and it can be used by anyone! Some of the most common reasons for using Pockit are:

Having poor credit history or not wanting a credit check carried out.

Wanting to earn cashback on your purchases.

Wanting to manage your spending better.

Saving into your emergency fund.

Teaching your children about money management (you can add up to three additional cards per account).

Anyone who doesn't want to use their overdraft.

Pockit can be used for a variety of reasons!

Transparent fees

One of the advantages of Pockit is that they have transparent fees.

Banking tasks in the UK are either free or cost just 99p, and all of these fees are shown clearly to you.

You can also use your card abroad, however the fee is 4%, which can really add up. I wouldn't recommend this card for spending abroad, I'd, therefore, suggest that this card is best used for transactions in the UK

Earning cashback with Pockit

I am a huge fan of cashback, and I regularly use cashback websites to earn extra money on my spending.

One of the biggest advantages to using Pockit is the cashback that you can earn from shopping at your favourite retailers – every time.

You can earn cashback from big high street names including:

  • 6% cashback at M&S
  • 4% cashback at Argos
  • 5% cashback at B&Q
  • 7% cashback at New Look
  • 6% cashback at ToysRUs

Plus many, many more locations.

This is especially useful in the run up to Christmas, meaning that you can make your money go further. Or if you are planning big home renovations, why not get cashback for those large purchases, including cashback from CarpetRight and B&Q!

Money transfers

Pockit also lets you transfer money in the UK and Europe for one low fee. What's more, you can even complete your first transaction fee free!

You can easily send money on the go using the Pockit App, at a fee of just 99p per transfer.

Pockit overview

All in all, Pockit offers a fairer way to bank, accessible to those who normally wouldn't be able to get access to a traditional bank account. It can help people to budget better, or even to earn more with cashback paid at popular high street retailers. With transparent fees, there are no nasty surprises along the way

No-nonsense banking with Pockit

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