Never pay for motor legal cover again!

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Never pay for motor legal cover again!-2

Car insurance, one of those annual drags you have to contend with, seeking out the cheapest deal to avoid paying well over the odds for the trumped up renewal price offered. Yet it is not only the basic insurance cover which is costly, but all the add-ons like, protected no claims discount, breakdown cover and motor legal protection which can add another £100+ to your premium. Motor Legal Protection, usually adds another £30 to your premium for each vehicle in the household. With over 50% of Britain’s 30 million+ motorists buying motor legal protection each year, the total cost to the nation is in excess of £400million!

Never pay for motor legal cover again and here's how by Emma at #CarInsurance #legalcover #savemoney

What is motor legal protection and do you need it?

Motor Legal Protection, also known as legal expenses insurance, is a separate policy to your motor insurance policy. If you had an accident that was not your fault and paid out your excess and suffered other losses, your own motor insurer will not assist you recovering these. A Motor Legal Protection policy gives you access to a lawyer so that uninsured losses can be claimed back from the other party and the fees of the lawyers are covered, so they represent a good choice in getting help when you need it without worrying about legal fees.

So you don’t need to have this additional cover, but it certainly comes in handy when there is enough stress and hassle and expense going on in your life.

What happens if I don’t have motor legal protection?

If you don’t buy  motor legal protection to save money then you end up either dealing with everything yourself, or possibly engage a claims management company or law firm to act for you under a no win no fee arrangement. This only works in certain circumstances though, such as an injury claim. A lawyer would charge hundreds if not more for an excess recovery claim and even if you do have an injury claim, you will find the lawyers taking 25% from your compensation, so there is a sting in the tail. You play a game of chance not having any motor legal protection, save £30 on the cost of your insurance, but risk being hundreds out of pocket in the event of a claim.

Heard about the completely free alternative – Free Motor Legal?

Free Motor Legal was set up by motoring lawyer Lee Jones, who having worked for both insurers and law firms, saw that he could drive a better deal for motorists in England, Scotland & Wales. He created a free sign up service where you join up for free lifetime membership instead of buying a policy thus avoiding the need to ever pay for motor legal protection again. If you use the service there are no fees or charges or deductions taken from compensation as it has all cleverly been devised to put the member at the forefront and provides access to replacement hire cars from a UK fleet of over 3000 vehicles as well as a specialist panel of lawyers and treatment providers. All fees are paid by the insurers of the party at fault. Who doesn’t love free stuff?

It really is a no-brainer. What’s more, the £30 you saved this year will be saved again year after year. Visit for more info and to sign up.

Never pay for motor legal cover again!-2

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