What you need to know before buying a Heated Towel Rack

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What you need to know before buying a Heated Towel Rack

Heated towel racks are amongst the latest innovations in designer bathroom accessories, and are unsurprisingly ever growing in terms of popularity. Improving upon the design of a standard towel rack, the heated towel rack provides a warm towel for you to dry off with following a relaxing shower or bath. This not only offers the utmost comfort to the buyer, but also reduces, or even negates, the time spent picking up wet towels from the bathroom floor on a daily basis.

After placing any form of wet towel onto your heated towel rack after a bath or shower, it will dry rapidly, usually within the space of half an hour or less. And by allowing your towels to remain cosy and warm until they require washing, your heated towel rack will help you to keep your bathroom looking tidy and fresh; particularly useful for when company arrives unexpectedly. The purchase of a heated towel rack can actually prove the first step in creating a spa-like environment within your bathroom. The likes of heated floors, toilet seats or bidets and steam showers can be added to heated racks to provide the look and functionality of a professional spa environment in your very own home.

The Advantages of Heated Towel Racks

Although it is an obvious starting point, the advantages of heated towel racks begin with the luxurious feeling that a warm towel provides. In addition to offering an extra source of warmth and another storage solution in the bathroom, a further benefit of heated towel racks is that they are suitable for use throughout the year to hold and heat as many towels or face cloths as the component will allow. That said, there are several heated towel rack designs on the market, with certain styles manufactured to store full bath, face and hand towel sets, whilst also providing a drying solution for clothing and other delicate items. As there will likely be a regular rotation of towels, and the possibility of wet towels and washcloths lying around is negated, your bathroom will not develop an unwanted odour such as a smell of mildew.

A wide variety of heated towel racks are available in an array of sizes, shapes and colors, so you can find an ideal option for your bathroom based on your personal preferences and requirements. Certain heated towel racks feature an illuminated power switch, and you can choose between freestanding and wall mounted designs based on which best matches your bathroom. There are also several finishes to choose from, with satin nickel, polished brass and chrome amongst the very most popular styles of heated towel racks.

The best way to decipher which type and style of heated towel rack is right for you is to search online, where all sorts of different varieties can be found, as well as a number of complementary accompanying accessories. The likes of towel bars, bathrobe hooks, wall-mount kits, aromatherapy oils and essential oils can all further enhance either the appearance, practicality, or both, of your chosen heated towel rack.

The ultimate main benefit that the use of a heated towel rack can provide is that following a bathing or showering experience, you can feel as though you are personally embraced by a warm towel’s soothing touch. And as if this fantastic feeling isn’t enough, the stylish look and feel of your affordable heated towel rack surely will be. Your rack will offer numerous functions as well as its primary purpose of keeping towels dry and warm, which it will do in an energy efficient manner.

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