National Hug a Bear Day

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Did you know that today, 7th November 2016, is National Hug a Bear Day? With so much bad news lately, and especially with the controversial American election tomorrow, it is nice to take some time out to do something lighthearted and enjoy hugging a teddy bear!


Hallmark are celebrating Hug a Bear Day today, and they have kindly sent me the world's most huggable bear and some greetings cards to join in the celebrations. They arrived on Saturday and since then Tabs has not left the teddy bear's side! Wherever we pop the bear, she soon follows and gets curled up next to it. Never mind the world's most huggable bear, it is also cat's favourite bear! If you wanted Tabs' verdict then it would be something like “mew mew mew, meow, mew, meow”, shooting us evil glares if we move the bear at all.


Once we managed to pry the bear away from Tabs we were able to see that it IS super soft and huggable. It would make a lovely gift for anyone this coming Christmas!


The selection of Hallmark cards we received are wonderful too. I love receiving cards for all manner of occasions, and I am trying to get better at sending them out. I do love a bargain, but these cards are definitely worth their price and offer great value for money! They look great, with lovely designs, and feel really nice and luxurious.

How to celebrate hug a bear day

If you want to join in today's celebrations then why not pop over to the Hallmark UK & Ireland Facebook page and post a photo of you or a loved one hugging a bear for the chance to win the world's most huggable bear?

You can also celebrate by:

  • Arranging a teddy bear picnic, finished off with some hugs
  • Give a loved one a huggable teddy bear
  • Turn into a bear and hug your children

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