Mystery Shoppers wanted in London & Manchester

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Intellaprice, a Boston-based firm, is looking for one or two mystery shoppers for bar price audits in Manchester and London. Intellaprice specializes in helping restaurants with pricing, so its assignments are highly focused. The project involves visiting about 8 hotel and restaurant bars (places like the Marriott and TGI Fridays) to purchase drinks from the bar (about 19 in total), and providing the receipts and some information on the beverages to Intellaprice. This includes details such as how many ounces are in draft beers, or the brand of liquor selected for some drinks – pretty simple things. There is no write-up necessary – just scans of itemized receipts and a completed one-page questionnaire.

Shoppers can complete the assignments independently, or with friends, and these obviously must be done in a responsible manner, with absolutely no drinking and driving. The hiring manager can provide full details on the assignment. It will require the shopper to pay for the beverages and then be reimbursed, which can be done immediately upon submission of the required information. The assignments pay complete reimbursement of the beverage purchases, plus a shop fee of £20 per establishment. For those who wish to treat their friends to beverages, it’s a substantial amount of free drinks. No food purchases are necessary, and the shops can be done on any day. Intellaprice is looking to hire someone as soon as possible, and could give a week or so to complete the assignment based on shoppers’ schedules. Pay via Paypal or similar platform can be arranged.

To be considered, please email Leslie Kerr ([email protected] ) and provide the following:
· Your name, contact information, and best times to contact you (skype ID helpful if you have one)
· Brief background and qualifications for this position –
· Information on your availability to complete this work

Intellaprice will reach out to candidates to screen them first via email and then via skype in hopes of hiring one or two candidates per city. Leslie will provide all details about this assignment.

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