My £2,000 challenge (July 2015)

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I love a good money making challenge, and having just come back from our wedding and honeymoon, I am on a mission to not only declutter, but to also make a whole heap of money! With that in mind, I have decided to attempt my biggest challenge yet, to try to earn an extra £2,000 in a month.

That is £2,000 on top of my wages and any guaranteed income. As I type this I am feeling a little apprehensive, but also excited about what I might achieve. I know it will take a lot of hard work – I have been earning extra money online for almost 10 years, so I do have the advantage of some established relationships that will bring in some extra work. I have also spent the last few days of June getting things in place to help me out throughout July.

What if I fail

I would love to smash my £2,000 target – what's the point in setting it as a goal if I don't achieve it? What if I only make £1,000 extra? Is anyone going to grumble at an extra £1,000? I certainly won't be! Nothing major will happen if I don't meet this target.

How I'm going to do it

Pennies make pounds! This challenge is about striking the balance with the websites I use to make extra money – there is little point spending hours earning pennies. I plan to use everything I have already written about on From Aldi To Harrods:

And lots more!

Support me

So you'd like to help me along my journey throughout July? That's great, thank you!

I can use all the encouragement I can get, so you can comment below, send me a tweet or visit me on Facebook to send some encouragement. Be sure to follow me on Instagram as I'll be posting lots of photographs of my progress throughout July.

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15 Comments on “My £2,000 challenge (July 2015)”

      1. Thinking about it! Might have to hold off until the August challenge though.

        I’m excited to see how you do with this!

  1. What a challenge, good luck! I need £150 extra this month just to get by – car trouble For me even that amount feels impossible x

  2. Good luck Emma, that’s an inspirational challenge!!

    Congratulations on wedding btw

  3. I should just congratulate you now. 🙂

    You can do it. You will.

    And even if you don’t, congrats on giving it a go, on believing that you can. x

    1. Hey misseb, I’m so glad you commented! I read your blog ages ago and I’ve been meaning to look it up again! I’ve just had a read of some of your latest posts and you’ve been doing really well!


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