Most Expensive Moments In Life (And What To Do)

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Life is amazing, but it also has a way of being pretty expensive too. Like the age-old adage goes, “nothing in life is free” and it’s more or less right. Almost every moment costs something these days.

That said, there are some moments in life that cost a whole lot more than others; moments that have the power to completely change your life, for better or worse. That’s when being able to think clearly and make the right decision is absolutely essential. We’re talking thousands and thousands being on the line, sometimes tens and hundreds of thousands, if not more.

To help you make the right decision financially, we’ve pulled together a list of the most expensive moments in life and what you can do to manage how much they cost.


  1. Your Big Day

When you think of a wedding, it almost always comes with that glaring asterisk of expensive. There’s the venue, the gown, the suit, the bridesmaids and groomsmen, the catering and the booze and the honeymoon and all that. No matter how you look at it, the bill is going to make you shudder. That’s why you need to set yourself a STRICT budget and then find ways to make what you have go further. Don’t get married on a Saturday, find a venue that doesn’t make you used their vendors, narrow the alcohol options, avoid real flowers – these will all save you big bucks.


  1. Make It Work

We know its glib to go from weddings to divorce but it’s worth talking about because over 47% of first marriages end in divorce and that’s when things can get super-expensive. Our advice: try and make it work and, if it really can’t, then get yourself a family lawyer that cares, someone like Austin Kemp Solicitors. Before you rush into this decision, though, try mediation. Try and find ways to resolve your differences. Sit down with a therapist and go to counseling, anything to make sure you don’t rush into a final decision.


  1. School Of Debt

Once upon a time, university was open to everyone that wanted to indulge their brain’s want to learn. Nowadays, it’s super expensive. Average students can expect to leave with £39,000 hanging over their heads. That’s why you need to get clever with a) how you pay for uni and b) how you save while there. That could mean seeking out a grant, crowdfunding or getting a part-time job. It also means being super frugal. Rent DVDs from the library instead of paying for Netflix, borrow textbooks, learn how to meal plan and freeze foods, carry cash instead of a card and shop at Poundland whenever possible. Things like this will make university a lot cheaper than it usually is.


  1. House Of Cash

Buying your first home will be the most expensive purchase of your life, which is why you need to make sure you are saving all the money you can. That means saving up the biggest deposit possible so that you don’t have to borrow so much. That means budgeting in the additional costs, ranging from solicitor fees to Stamp Duty. It means looking for affordable home-buyer schemes, moving back in with your parents for a few months beforehand and just about anything else you can find on the internet. It’s a big chunk of change to throw away, so make sure you are shopping smart.


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