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The app & How To Earn

MobileXpression is a market research company dedicated to improving the mobile internet. When you download their app or profile (which shares your mobile internet browsing activity with them) onto your phone you earn. The software collects information regarding the web pages you view, links you click on and how long you spend browsing the web. They do not collect or view texts, emails, instant messages, images, contacts or the calendar entries.


Payment threshold & method(s)

Payment is made via Amazon gift card, and you receive the code instantly after redeeming. You will earn £5 for the first week you have the app installed, and then 1 point each week thereafter. 10 points are worth a £5 Amazon gift card, and 15 points are worth a £10 Amazon Gift Card

My verdict

I had to wait 9 days after installation to qualify for my Amazon gift card, not the 7 days as advised, but tt was delivered immediately via email. MobileXpression does slow your phone down, and noticeably so. It takes a few extra minutes for apps to connect, so my advice is to install it for a week or so until you have earned your £5 Amazon gift card, and then uninstall it. Uninstalling is easy and there has been no further effect to my phone.

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