MintVine survey site review

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MintVine survey site review

Finding a new, reputable survey website can be difficult, and recently I have come across MintVine. With a low payment threshold, plenty of ways to earn points and a generous referral program, MintVine is fast becoming a new favourite of mine.

MintVine survey site review

How to earn

You can earn free points simply for registering, and even more points for completing your profile. Not only do you earn points, but it helps MintVine match you up with potential future surveys.

The easiest way to earn points is to complete surveys. Before completing a survey you will see how many points you will earn upon completion. What's more, if you are disqualified, you will still earn 5 points for your time.

There is a daily poll available for 5 points, plus a bonus of 25 points for every 10 days in a row that you complete the survey.

Alongside all of this, there are offer walls that offer you a variety of ways to earn more points – by downloading apps onto your smart phone, joining websites, taking out free trials and more.

Getting paid

Cashing out on MintVine costs 1,000 points for $10 via Paypal.

Referring friends and family

MintVine have a very generous referral program – for every friend and family member that you successfully refer, you will earn 15% of their points from surveys and offers – for life! You will also earn a 50 point bonus when they successfully complete their first survey.

My verdict

I am really impressed with MintVine so far – they are fast paying and the surveys are regular enough to keep you earning points. The offers are a great way to boost your points when you are close to the 1,000 point cash out. This is definitely one of my new daily websites.

MintVine survey site review



8 Comments on “MintVine survey site review”

  1. I agree. I love MintVine. It is my favourite survey site. It pays well for the surveys as well. Nice layout too

      1. Hello,
        I signed up to this because I love your recommendations- especially prolific academic! But I thought I’d feedback my disappointment with mintvine. I found I was repeatedly being offered surveys then not qualifying for them after being taken around the houses. I also suspect they might have shared my information as I had a run of texts and calls from spammers as soon as I signed up. I never made the first payment- and this is from someone who (finally!) made it to £50 from Yougov.
        Don’t mean to be negative but wanted to leave honest feedback- keep the recommendations coming,

        1. Hi Emily, I love hearing from people, especially when their experience differs from mine. It sucks that you’ve had a bad experience with them….I’ve got a couple of survey sites that are like this for me – we just don’t get on. But I’m glad you’re liking Prolific, definitely my favourite.

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