Sell your unwanted items with Mercari and get £1 free

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Sell your unwanted items with Mercari and get £1 free

Last week I came across a selling app that is newly available here in the UK, and let me tell you, I am addicted to it – for both buying and selling. Here is my Mercari review, plus how you can quickly make some cash and get free stuff.

Sell your unwanted items with Mercari and get £1 free

Mercari is a mobile app that allows people to buy and sell securely to each other. The company have a great aim – they ant to help us become less of a throwaway society, which is fantastic!

Selling on Mercari

Selling on Mercari cold not be simpler. Simply upload 1 – 4 photos of your items, write a title, short description, fill in a few categories, select a price and bam, the hard work is done. You will be expected to include postage costs in your price, and buyers won't be paying you anything extra to cover postage.

Once your item sells, you will get a notification from Mercari. You then have 3 days to ship your item. Once the buyer has received their item, they will let Mercari know that it has arrived safely, and Mercari will release your funds to you. These funds will automatically go into your balance, and you can withdraw them at any time via BACS – there is no minimum withdrawal amount. Payments are processed twice a week.

The best thing is that there are no fees to pay! No listing fees, no selling fees and no Paypal fees.

Although you have to rely on a buyer reporting that they've received their item, Mercari are happy to work alongside you to resolve any issues that come about from buyers not leaving you a rating.

Buying on Mercari

There are plenty of items on Mercari, and with more members joining daily, you will be sure to find something for you. What's more, if you sign up and enter code NBJBJK, you will get £1 to spend, completely free! There are plenty of £1 items listed, and with no minimum purchase to use them on, it means you can choose from lots of items.

Simply hit “buy” on the item you want to purchase and choose how to pay. The seller will then have 3 days to get it shipped to you.

Once it has arrived, be sure to mark it as received and leave your seller a rating.

The referral system

Mercari has a very generous referral system at the moment, and there is no telling how long it will last. Simply register, input a code (mine is NBJBJK) and you will get £1 completely free to spend. What's more, the person who referred you will also get £1 credit.

This credit can't be transferred to cash, however it can be spent on anything on Mercari, even something priced at exactly £1.

Share your code with your friends, family, on your blog or on your social media channels to earn yourself free credit.

How to sell lots of items fast

Thanks to Mercari's generous referral credit, I sold 29 items on my first day! Here's how:

I had a clear out and found items that would be small enough to post large letter, and I listed them at £1 each.

I shared them on social media with my referral code (NBJBJK).

Most items cost me 75p to post, and because they were just items that I had from a clear out, I made £65.25 profit in just one day!

What's more, I earned a ton of credit to use on the app. I've used it to buy some of my favourite products, like a Marc Jacobs perfume, 1kg of Lush's Snow Fairy and lots of Bath and Body Works products for free!

There is nothing to stop you from doing exactly this, especially if you share your listings on social media. Whilst the sales have mostly got me 25p profit, there have been a lot of them!

If you'd like to check out the items that I am selling on Mercari then simply click here to view all of my listings – there's Yankee Candle, Carmex, ELF and lots more! Remember that anything marked as £1 you can get for FREE if you use code NBJBJK.

Sell your unwanted items with Mercari and get £1 free


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  1. I’ve never heard of Mercari. I’ve used 1 other site to sell my clothes, but that’s it. I also like going to my local thrift shop to sell my old clothes, and then I buy new clothes with the money I made.

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