Mental Health Awareness Week & Therapy

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Starting on the 14th of May, Mental Health Awareness Week kicks off in the U.K., and there are many reasons to observe the cause. Whether you have a mental disorder, know someone who does, or are just interested in mental health in general, this week is a great time for you to spread awareness.


This post will talk about Mental Health Awareness Week and its connection to online therapy.


What is Mental Health Awareness Week?


The Mental Health Foundation has run this campaign since 2001, and this year, the theme is about stress. According to the Health and Safety Executive, in the past two years, over half a million workers experienced some work-related stress, depression, or anxiety, but only one adult in eight gets the help that they need. This is exactly mental health awareness should be raised.


Despite the fact that most people know what mental disorders are, there are many who still don’t understand them and don’t know how to empathize with someone who does. Not only that, but many don’t know how to keep themselves in sound mental health. Some mental disorders are treatable or preventable by observing good mental health practices, including therapy.


What is Online Therapy?


Online therapy is simply therapy through a remote location. With most therapists, you need to travel to them, to their office. This may not seem like a problem for some, but for others, they may have physical or mental disabilities that don’t allow them to travel. They may have no means of travel. Or, they may simply feel more comfortable talking to a therapist online.


Online therapy incorporates many tools that make online communication so versatile. You can chat with a therapist using a texting app. This makes it easy for those who have communication difficulties, or if you need therapy but are in a place where talking isn’t allowed or is frowned upon.


How the Two are Connected


Simply put, therapy is good for your mental health. If you have a mental disorder, therapy can teach you ways to cope with it and treat it. If there is something that is causing you stress, a therapist can teach you how to reduce your stress levels through techniques like cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT). Even if nothing major is happening in your life, therapy can fine-tune and help maintain your mental health.


However, not too many people know about online therapy, or think it isn’t legitimate or worthwhile. If you are finding someone who is struggling with their mental health, then why not communicate with them and see if they are interested in taking a session?


The good thing is that many online therapy clinics are offering discounts to celebrate Mental Health Awareness Week (and in America, Mental Health Awareness Month). If you or someone else is still skeptical, now is the perfect time to give it a chance and see what it can do for you.


Other Ways to Celebrate

There are other ways you can celebrate Mental Health Awareness Week, including:


  • Talking to some of your friends who suffer from mental health disorders and hearing their stories. Write their stories down and make a collage.
  • Doing some volunteer work for mental health organizations. Talk to your local organizations and see if there is anything you can do.
  • Speaking to a friend who needs it. Be their therapist if they can’t seek therapy for whatever reason.
  • Taking steps to improve your own mental health, such as working out, getting adequate nutrition, and practicing therapy.
  • Finding a Mental Health Awareness Week event near you and participating, or spreading the word on social media.


Finding good mental health is a struggle for many, but by taking some steps to spread awareness, and by telling others to seek online therapy, we all can journey forward to achieving the best mental health we possibly can.

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