May’s £100 household budget challenge

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Every now and then I like to have a really lean month in order to reset our finances and use up food we already have in our cupboards or freezer. I love a good cheap shelf find, but it means that you can hardly close our freezers, or open a cupboard without something falling on your head. That is why we are attempting to have a household budget of just £100 throughout May.

This might seem drastic, and whilst the challenge is partially about saving money (if we stick to the challenge then we will have saved over £200!) it is mostly about getting creative with the food we already have in the house. I have completed a meal plan for the entire month which means we should only need to buy fresh fruit, bread, milk and veggies if we run out.

The challenge doesn't just stop at food though, this £100 is to include any additional household spending, like toiletries and cleaning products. The toiletries shouldn't be an issue – we are still working through our stash as part of #toiletrychallenge, but we will still need to purchase cleaning products and clothes pegs!

Using apps such as Checkout Smart, ClickSnap and Shopmium means we can also enjoy lots of free or reduced price groceries.

We have had a really great helping start with a great saving at Sainsbury's:

I am really keen to see if we can stick to this budget. It doesn't include our anniversary weekend where we will be enjoying both a Chinese takeaway and a meal out. We are also helped along the way with a Degustabox delivery.

If you have any tips to help us with this challenge then we would really appreciate a comment!

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  1. I like this idea! I’m going to sit down with the other half tonight and work out how much we could potentially save in a month if we only spent £100. I’m guessing you’re not including any monthly direct debits in that £100?

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