#MaxYourMoney and win £330

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Did you know that the average savings interest rate on an easy access account is a pitiful 0.33%? During March, Smart Money People are inviting you to get involved in their #MaxYourMoney campaign, where there is even a £330 cash prize!

Research from the Money Advice Service finds that more than half of the UK population (57%) have less than £100 in savings. The idea is that in order to #MaxYourMoney, we share innovative ways of getting our money to work harder for us and stand the chance to win £330.

If we go to the effort of saving money, it shouldn't be sitting in an account earning nothing. If you have suggestions on how others can #MaxYourMoney, whether it is to invest in peer to peer lending, putting savings into an ISA, using apps to manage your money better or anything else, Smart Money People want to hear from you!

In exchange for sharing your tip through leaving a review, you will be entered to win £330. Why £330? That is the interest that you would earn on £100,000 in savings over a year.

The best tips will be put into a handy downloadable guide on how to #MaxYourMoney in 2017.

Leaving a review takes a few moments, and you could be in with a chance to win £330. Click here to leave your review and enter for free.

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