Matched betting month 3 earnings and Q&A

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Ah, my third month and matched betting is over and I still love it! If you remember, month one saw me earn £1,430 and month two saw me earn £1,619. Before I tell you month three's earnings, let me tell you a little bit about month three…

matched betting earnings

Month three has been extremely hard on me. I have lost a few days to depression, my husband is signed off work with an injury (which means I am spending more time with him and less time doing productive things) and I also made the very big decision to quit my job. I released my first e-book titled 50 iPhone Apps To Earn cash which has been launched on Amazon. This is my long winded way of saying that I have not dedicated as much time to matched betting as I should have, and it shows in my earnings.

In month three I made £849, bringing my total over three months to £3,989.

I am really annoyed not to have hit £4,000 by 3 months, but at only £11 short I think I shall let myself off. These earnings are an accurate reflection of the amount of time I have been able to commit to matched betting within the past month and unfortunately I can see the next month being the same because of how busy I will be.

I am still using Profit Accumulator.

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By the end of October I am going to need to make a withdrawal from my matched betting pot – Tony only receiving statutory sick pay has been tough and I am hoping that by dipping into the matched betting pot we won't need to delve into our savings. Only time will tell – we are trying to live very frugally in the mean time.

I asked you on Twitter to send me some questions you might have about matched betting so that I can answer them. If you have any questions that you would like to appear next month then please let me know.

How soon can you start withdrawing money?

You can withdraw your winnings at the bookies immediately and they take around 3 days to land bank in your bank account. As for withdrawing money from your “matched betting pot”, you can do this whenever you want! The more money you have in your pot then the faster you can earn money AND you can earn more (by being able to back and lay at higher odds) but there are no rules. This is the first month that I am taking money out of my pot – in an ideal world it would have stayed there to build up a nice nest egg, but Life and Things have happened.

You could choose to immediately withdraw all your earnings, leaving your originally pot there, or you could choose to withdraw 50% off your monthly earnings. You can do absolutely anything you want!

One strategy you can use is to put aside a high amount of money (over £1,000), sign up for one or two months of Profit Accumulator and plough through the sign up offers before cancelling your membership. This should see you earning around £2,000. But after paying £17.99 x 2 you might as well pay £150 for the year and have access to the reload offers. Even if you completed reload offers just once a week you'll still earn a lot more than the £150 you paid out.

What are your strategies on the inplay reloads?

I wait until half time and then I look at close matches. Waiting until half time means that the odds settle for around 15 minutes, giving me a chance to find decent odd matches. Just before half time I will have a few tabs open – the bookie, my exchange (usually Betfair or Smarkets), the PA calculator and the PA forum. A lot of the time the forum members will share their brilliant matches, meaning I can use those matches. If not, I usually look at Team A to win, a draw or Team B to win, purely to save me time. If there isn't a close enough match there then I immediately look at the under/over goals (if football) and the correct score markets.

Why aren't I making more money/how did you make so much money?

I have had so many people ask me this so I thought I would share my tips:

  1. I track my money – I have a bank account dedicated to matched betting so that it isn't getting confused with my own money. I also use a spreadsheet to track my earnings – by each bet that I place and by the amounts of money I have at each bookmarker, exchange, in play and my bank account. That takes about an hour a week to update the second spreadsheet.
  2. I have a massive pot! I started with £1,000 (you can start with around £60) and I haven't withdrawn any money until this month. That means that I have had over £4,000 available to play with – which means placing bets at much higher odds. This has really helped me to accelerate my earnings, but please don't let this put you off! You do not need mega money to make money, it has just helped me to make more.
  3. I don't do casino offers – they are not risk free and at the moment I am not cool losing up to £100 or so to potentially win something. I know lots of people who HAVE won massively, but it just isn't for me. I stick to the completely risk free matched betting.
  4. Time allowing, I do it a lot. My 3rd month of earnings are down because I just haven't had the time – some times it has been 5 days between bets and that is reflected in my earnings. Before that I was placing anything from 5 – 20 bets a day.
  5. I am fast – with the help of Profit Accumulator I have really sharpened my skills since started matched betting. I can now spot a great odds match manually pretty quickly, and I have learned so much about sports betting that I am no longer reading and re-reading everything before I place a bet.

How is it tax free?

Although matched betting is a risk free way of making money, it is still seen as income from gambling, which is non-taxable.

How much time does it take?

As much or as little time as you want it to take. The more time you put into it then the more money you will make. You can do as little as 15 minutes a day and still be earning £100s every month.

Can you make a mistake and lose lots of money?

Matched betting is risk free but there are a few mistakes that you can make. To date I have made 3 mistakes that haven't cost me a grand total of £5. This is because you aren't typically placing very high bets – usually amounts from £5-£25. You are then laying them at your exchange to make a small loss (you are aiming for under £1.50 for a £25 bet). Remember that I have made almost £4,000 now, so any small mistakes are pocket change to me.

Is joining Profit Accumulator worth it?

110% yes! Without Profit Accumulator I would still be sitting on the sidelines wondering what matched betting is all about. Instead now I have made almost £4,000 in 3 months, completely tax free. This is a life changing amount for us to have on top of our usual income and has allowed us a lot of freedom. Profit Accumulator have taken a lot of time to create videos that explain matched betting in an easy to follow way. They provide you with all the tools you need to be successful at matched betting. You can join for FREE and try out two offers before deciding whether you would like to take out the platinum membership. The membership is either £17.99 per month or £150 per year and it gives you access to the sign up offers worth around £2,000, daily reload offers and a support forum available 24/7.

Changes in my matched betting income reports

To help keep things more consistent, I will now be recording my matched betting earnings by the month e.g. October, November etc. instead of reporting them in the middle of the month to reconcile with when I started matched betting. This will help me to better track my earnings as well as publishing them on Make Money Without a Job.

Well there you have it – a not so great month 3 but I am still thrilled at what I have managed to achieve. If you are matched betting then how did this month look for you?

Previous matched betting income reports

matched betting earnings



23 Comments on “Matched betting month 3 earnings and Q&A”

  1. Really helpful, thanks. I signed up a couple of weeks ago (prompted by your posts!) and have made about £800 so far by going through the sign up offers. I still have more to do, as I don’t have loads of time every day to dedicate to it, but I’m impressed so far at the results. And it’s interesting to hear your thoughts on casino offers – I’m really sceptical of them and tried a couple low risk ones and got nothing back, so it’s great to know you can hit big numbers without doing those offers.

    I have more to learn on reloads etc but I’m excited to keep doing it and see my pot go up – thanks so much for the advice!

    1. £800!?!?!? That’s amazing, well done!

      Saturdays are really good for the reload offers, but a lot of them are for free bets in play (whilst a game is on) so not everyone can make use of them. But they are definitely worth dipping into.

      So excited for you!

  2. I would LOVE some one to one advice if/when you decide to do it. My husband and I keep talking about doing this but we’re just not confident enough!

  3. Thanks for your update on Matched Betting. You are doing really well with it after only three months. I am about to start myself just waiting for my Debit Card to be sent through for my new Bank Account which is for Matched Betting only. I can easily keep track of everything that way. I am so looking forward to getting started and to be able to make some extra money which is tax free.

  4. Do you ‘mug bet’? I started with a pot of £200, so do I only need to mug bet when I start doing the re-loads or should I be mug betting from get-go?

  5. I’d love a little help when you offer this, I’vejust signed up with PA today, am eager to get going but a little apprehensive… yourposts are making want to jump in though! (jump in, in a cautious, careful manner of course 😉 )

  6. Hi Emma, do you have any questions in particular? There’s loads of info on this post and my previous two (links in the post) but if there’s anything else that I can help with then please let me know!

  7. I’ve read a bunch of your posts and some others but i still don’t understand it! I’ve never even been on a betting sight in my life and its all just going straight over my head! If you could explain it in a really plain ‘for dummies’ type way, i’d really appreciate it.

  8. Hi Ive just started this also and you blog and awesome results are really motivating me, i was just wondering though – to make the profits you’ve been making have you been doing the ACCAS?? or just reloads, i’m aiming to make around the same figures you have but I really don’t have time to do the ACCAS and to be honest I haven’t really got my head around them yet.

    1. Hi Joel, I haven’t touched an ACCA yet actually, horse racing refunds are probably my best reload offers. We’ve got a support group on Facebook if you’re there – from Aldi to harrods matched betting support. Good luck

  9. Aww brilliant that’s good to hear as Ive been reading on the forum the ACCAS are big earners. But seeing that your are making plenty without them is great. Which horse racing refunds are you referring to? I have also requesting to join the support group, thanks for that.

    1. There’s a list daily under the PA reloads. I’m doing paddy power at the moment and channel 4 racing refunds on Saturdays

  10. Love your blog. I keep looking at match betting and I think I understand it but not 100% confident. I have sent a request to join your Facebook group. Does PA basically tell you what to bet on though? I have never done betting in my life and have no real interest in sports (until now that is) so don’t feel I really know what I’m doing? Any help/advice greatly appreciated.

    1. Hi Katrina,

      That’s why I use PA – I had never bet before so I really liked their instructional videos. Definitely try out the free trial and watch the videos, then you can decide if it is something you’d enjoy. Good luck!

  11. I am dabbling with lay betting, but I only get back what I win i.e, 50/50. If I lay larger bets I still only get 50/50, my question is, how do I get the odds on offer?

    example.. 13.20 Sandown odds 7.2, stake £10, pay out £72, liability £62

    what have I got to do to get the pay out of £72



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