Making Money From Your Home By Simply Spring Cleaning: It’s Possible

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Struggling with seasonal affective disorder I am so ready for spring and summer to arrive so we can say goodbye to this awful weather. But while it would be so nice to hide under the duvet and wait for the seasons to change, life still needs to go on, money needs to be made and I still have a business to run. Which got me thinking about some of the things we can do that not only allows us to be proactive with our journey to earning extra income or paying the bills, but also helps us prep for the seasonal change ahead. Spring cleaning is often something we know we should do, but not all of us love the jobs. I am personally on a huge decluttering mission right now, and spring cleaning and tidying my home is all part and parcel of it. But, actually, there is more to be made simply by spring cleaning your home. I thought I would share with you some of the ways you could do it.

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Taking on social media advertising campaigns


I have already discussed many different ways social media could be used to earn some extra money. There are apps that you can download that will enable you to pitch to jobs to obtain opportunities to earn extra money by sharing content and an image created by yourself. However, while you may not think this is linked directly to spring cleaning, you may find that there could be some opportunities to work with brands within this industry. Cleaning products, for example. It could mean that while you are cleaning and doing jobs in your home, you are printed with an opportunity to capture perfect images that could work alongside advertising campaigns. Which in turn could help you earn some extra pennies in the process. This could also work if you have a blog as it could provide you with some great content images that could work within any sponsored posts you have coming up.


Decluttering some of the bigger items in your home


There are times that we want to get rid of some of the bigger stuff in our homes. Maybe we have gotten a little bored of some of the times, want to change things up or actually minimise our homes and even downsize. Selling furniture online used to be quite difficult but thanks to companies like shiply furniture courier the stress cane be taken away from it. You could even shop about and take advantage of pre-owned items available online that can have you saving money on some of those essential purchases that you may need to make. A spring clean gives you fresh incentive to make some harder choices about the things you have in your home, and the things you want to replace them with.

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Get the best price for your old books


Books. We can all have a stockpile of them. They may be stuffed in bookshelves, piled up high on your bedside table. Some have been read, some are on the list to be read. However, if you do have an excessive amount of books then you may want to consider selling them online and getting some great prices for them. Did you know that there is still a market for books? Most people love to use their digital devices, but holding a book physically in their hands is still a pastime people enjoy. There are some great smartphone apps like We Love Books who enable you to easily scan the barcode and then offer a price. It can all add up and then will even collect the order. How good is that?


There is money to be made in your recycling


We are all encouraged to recycle our rubbish. Glass bottles, plastics, and paper to name just a few of the things we need to be a little more strict on in the household. But before you take those bins out for the men to dispose of your waste, have a look for desirable materials that could be used for other things. Shockingly, people pay for empty wine bottles and corks, as they can be turned into jewellery or other more unique craft pieces with corks like a memo board, for example


Make more of old papers


Some of you may still have old newspapers knocking around your coffee tables or on the sides, maybe your recycling bin is full of them. But actually, clearing these out and selling them online is a great way to make more of this sort of recycling. People still love the idea of keeping old newspapers for certain special dates such as the birth of children, marriage, anniversaries, etc. Selling them one eBay may get you a little money for each one, but it is certainly more than what they would achieve sat in your recycling bin.


Take advantage of upcoming car boot sales


With the weather finally getting a little more spring like you will find that car boots will be back in force on a weekend. This is an excellent way to get rid of unwanted items quickly and have cash in your hand almost immediately. You may have to pay out for the pitch, and you also have to consider your other expenses such as fuel to get you there and drinks and food, but you will easily cover all that with in the first hour. Getting there early is the key as you will have an array of bargain hunters wanting to snap up some of the best items. Many make more in those first two hours than they do for the rest of your time there, so it is definitely worth the effort.


Use online platforms to make money from unwanted items


Finally, if you don’t like the idea of car boots then you can still take advantage of other methods to sell unwanted items such as eBay and Facebook selling groups. They can take their time, but often you can make more this way.


I hope that some of these options help you to make money while spring cleaning your home.

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