Making money from entering tv game shows

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Making money from entering tv game shows

Today I have a guest post for you about entering tv game shows to make money, by Vicky who blogs at IBeatDebt, all about how she managed to pay off her debt and stays debt free. You can also find Vicky on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. Over to Vicky…

As a single twenty something living in London, losing my job whilst about to lose my dad to cancer, debt became my norm. I was trying to process everything that I was going through with my family, then I lost my job for choosing to stay by my dad’s side. I wanted to pretend nothing had changed, when in fact, everything had. I tried to live the lifestyle I always had, which was never extravagant, but a new low paid job, just to get any income, and the gap between jobs set me up for financial failure.

Time carried on, and I hid my head in the sand. It wasn’t my wisest move, but a lack of financial education in the school system meant I didn’t appreciate the scale of what I was doing. When I finally sat down with a debt counsellor and went through everything, I was earning fractionally more money, but still getting further into debt rather than out of it. Money can’t buy you happiness, but debt can take away every single ounce of it.

I wanted to run away and not deal with it, but I knew that was never going to work. Instead I faced up to what I’d done and the position I’d gotten myself into and resolved to beat debt! I did everything I could think of to make extra money, from selling stuff on eBay, to taking extra shifts at work and even a second job. I’d save money where possible, including walking rather than taking public transport, taking my own lunch to work, inviting friends around rather than going out. If I thought it would help, I did it.

The thing that cleared over half my debt in one day was an odd experience. One which is almost so unbelievable that a lot of people don’t believe me when I tell them. I won some money. Not on the Lottery or gambling, but on a TV Quiz Show. I applied for a laugh, never thinking I’d get a call, let alone get on a show. I got the call, then I got to audition, then I was invited to film a show. It was all getting a bit crazy really. People like me didn’t do things like this. I never wanted to be famous or on TV, but I had nothing to lose. By the time the big day came, I was completely bemused. I really didn’t think I had a chance and felt it had all gotten a bit out of hand!

Several hours later, I had won the show. I didn’t win the jackpot – I wasn’t prepared to gamble my winnings that I had accrued so far for a bigger amount, not when I could lose the lot. I was there to clear debt and any money would clear something! I walked away with an amount that blew my mind. Not life changing, but enough to make a real dent in my debt. As I was in debt management, my counsellors arranged a reduced settlement with one creditor and that money, earnt in one day, cleared half my debt!

This is not about me winning a quiz show, or about wanting 5 minutes of fame. This is about how I went from hopeless and helpless to clearing my debt and now sharing my story to help others. Not everyone will want to go on a TV show. Some people might be in a lot more debt than I was. Some people might be in only a small amount of debt. It can still be overwhelming whatever your situation. If one person reading this, faces up to their finances and resolves to sort out their debt, then my job is done.

There is one other thing I want you to take away from this if you are still reading. Whatever you are struggling with, debt, mental health, relationship problems, anything, think outside the box. Going on a quiz show taught me that pretty much anything is possible. Push doors, after all they don’t (usually) open on their own. Try new things. Challenge yourself. Life is too short to be unhappy or to waste. Make the most of every opportunity.

I nearly passed on going on TV at the last minute – I was too nervous and thought I’d make a fool of myself. I put myself out there though. Even if I had done something silly, I had done that. The important people wouldn’t have cared if I’d given a wrong answer, and no-one else’s opinions matter. Don’t let other people stop you from an opportunity of a lifetime. If I hadn’t done it, it would have taken a lot longer to clear my debt. I also probably wouldn’t have my blog now. My story is a little unusual and people kept asking me about it so I started blogging about my experience and about money and debt. I’d like to think I’m helping people by sharing my story and my money making and saving ideas.


My ebook about my quiz show and debt clearing experiences is available over in the Kindle Store.

Making money from entering tv game shows

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