Make money selling photos with Gallerist

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If you are looking for a way to earn a passive income from your photos and other images then you might like Gallerist.

Gallerist is an app that lets you buy and sell original photos, helping you to earn extra money.

Simply upload your photos, graphic art or illustrations onto the marketplace and you can set a price of choose for them to be sold via auction.

As well as being a visual marketplace to sell your original photos and art work, it is also a community where you can come into contact with your buyers who share your passion for awesome original images.

Why sell photos and artwork

Selling photos and artwork is a great way to make a passive income. You can upload your photos or artwork just once and receive a passive income from them, over and over again.

Why use Gallerist

Gallerist brings buyers and sellers together in one app. It allows buyers to get access to original content, and sellers to make some extra money.

How to use Gallerist

Gallerist is available as an iOS app and Android app.

Simply download the app and decide if you want to sell content or buy content (or you can do both).

Once you have signed up (you can sign in with Facebook, Google+, Twitter or create an account with an email address and password) you'll have to verify your email address before you can move on.

Once verified you can browse through the images on the app, looking through sales or auctions to see if there is aything you like. You can also search for something specific.

To start earning money from your images, create a gallery and start uploading pictures. If you prefer to have your gallery private until you are ready to list it live then you can do that too.

Once you have decided to sell a gallery, you can send it to auction or set a price as well as the specifics such as whether the image can be used for commercial reasons and whether it is exclusive. Set your options and your price and you are ready to go.

Who might use Gallerist

Gallerist can be used by anyone!

Whether you are looking to buy original art or photos, or looking to boost your income by selling photos or artwork, Gallerist is used by both buyers and sellers.

Download the app, decide if you want to be a seller or buyer (or both!) and start getting to know the world of Gallerist.

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