How to Make Money By Pitching To Brands

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How to Make Money By Pitching To Brands

Today I have a guest post for you from Jenna who blogs at The Bloglancer. You can find her on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Over to Jenna…

There’s more of us bloggers than ever before. While it’s still possible to make money from our space on the web, lots of the sites that offer opportunities have become saturated and it can feel like there’s more of us competing to work with brands than ever before. How can we make sure we still stand out and are on the radar of PRs? By pitching! By pitching to PRs directly and letting them know the services we offer, we can maximise our opportunities and easily increase our sponsored earnings from blogging. I’m passionate about the topic and think more of us bloggers should be doing it!

How to Make Money By Pitching To Brands

Here, I share my top five tips for pitching to brands:

Always make sure you find the right contact!

My top tip is to google the name of the brand+a press release; contact details are usually listed on the bottom. Twitter is a fab resources for this too.

Be specific about what you want and what you can offer.

WIth pitching, it’s super important you are specific as term like ‘connect’ and ‘collaborate’ can be vague! Make clear what you’re after (be it a fee, a free meal or item to review) and what you can offer in return (e.g. a blog post, social shares) Don’t be afraid to include evidence- whether that be brand testimonials or posts that have had great engagement.

Package things up!

Create a series of attractive packages for brands can be appealing and show your worth! A simple package might just be a blog post or even an Instagram post. While at the other end, you could offer a series of posts with newsletter inclusion and Instagram stories.

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Don’t work for less.

Negotiating when pitching is common but if you reduce your fees, You should be open to reducing the load too! If a brand has a limited budget, could you offer a social post or mention in a round up, rather than a full blog post?

Pitch every day!

It’s thought that only 1 in 10 pitches actually lead to work, so that means getting into the habit of pitching every day is the best way to ensure you have a regular work. Make a list of brands you’d like to work with and set yourself a goal of one a day!

I hope these tips get you started on your pitching journey. If you want some more inspiration, feel free to join us over on the Pitching Motivation for UK facebook group . You can also checkout my Pitching Toolkit  which guides people through the process from start to finish- it even includes an email template that can be customised and sent off to brands!

How to Make Money By Pitching To Brands



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