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I have been a member of People Per Hour for awhile now, and whilst it isn't my biggest earner, I try to check in every few days to apply for jobs and update the hourlies I offer.

There are two ways to make money. The first is to post “hourlies”, which are jobs you can complete with your skill set, such as writing a blog post or creating social media accounts. The second is where you send proposals on jobs others have put up.


Hourlies are the jobs that you put up – these can be generic things such as creating a Facebook fan page, making a logo or writing articles. You include relevant information, set your price and publish your hourlie. Members can then search for the jobs they need completing and browse through your hourlies, purchasing one whenever they have a need.


Companies and individuals will list jobs that they need completing, from commenting on other blogs to recording audio books. You can easily search for phrases and read more about the jobs you would like to apply for. If you are interested in applying for a specific task then you can put together your proposal, including your fee. Sending a proposal will cost a proposal credit, although People Per Hour do also give these away periodicaly.

It isn't always about having the cheapest proposal, having great feedback and great work examples will help you to win more proposals.


People Per Hour have two payment tiers. They will charge 15% + VAT of the selling price as their fee until you earn £175 a month – the anything over the £175 will be charged at 3.5%.


 In order to earn a good feedback rating and keep customers coming, there are a few things to keep in mind.

  • Don't take on more work than you can handle – if you become overwhelmed and can't complete work on time this this could lead to negative feedback, therefore hindering your chances of future work.
  • Offer a selection of hourlies based on your skills – can you write an article, post a link on your website or fix Excel problems? Write up an hourlie stating exactly what you can do and price it up too. Don't forget to find great images to use alongside the hourlie.
  • Don't be disheartened when your proposal isn't accepted – there it lots of competition around so keep at it!

Do you use People Per Hour to find freelance work?

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  1. How do I use u people per hour I’d love to just work for myself I love reading and love using the Internet could use it all day just don’t know what I can do

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