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Making money from my smartphone is one of my favourite ways to make money. It is really easy to do and can often be done out and about. If you find yourself out and about with your smartphone, there is a really easy way to earn money with this app.

Job Spotter is an app available for iOS and Android created by Indeed, who wanted to get more jobs listed on their website. In order to find those jobs often advertised in shop windows, they created the app. All you have to do is simply snap a picture of the sign and the shop front and you're done.

Is really is that simple!

Once you have submitted your photos you will earn points which can be converted to vouchers.

How much can you earn with Job Spotter?

The amount of points you earn will depend on the wanted advert that you submit. If you find one in a quiet area then you can get over 100 points, worth £1.

You can look to earn up to £30 per hour depending on your area.

How to get paid

Job Spotter pay out in Amazon gift cards – perfect for spending at Christmas time!

Top tips for using Job Spotter

There are some rules and guidelines to follow when using Job Spotter.

Possibly the most important is that you cannot include people in your photographs. If you are finding wanted signs in popular places then it can be hard to avoid getting people in your photos, so bear this in mind.

You should also take a clear a picture as possible for your submission, to ensure that it doesn't get rejected.

If you have been using Job Spotter then I would love to know how you're getting on! Simply leave a comment below to tell me about your experiences with this money making app.

4 Comments on “Make money with Job Spotter”

  1. Just a small thing… I don’t think 1 point is worth 1p. I think it’s actually worth 1 cent, so for every 100 points, you’re looking at about 65p. I could be wrong, but I find that the 10 point verifications give you 6 or 7p each time.

  2. I love this app, I will take the dog for a walk around various local villages / towns in the evenings when the shops are closed. That way it’s easier to get the photos without people in them.

    I reckon I make about £20 a month from this but I don’t spend much time on it, it’s probably my favourite app on my phone 🙂

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