Make money easily by sharing your knowledge!

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Have you ever put a video up on YouTube or posted a blog that took you hours of work and you get loads of engagement but unfortunately there’s little to no monetary value? Or is this something you’d be interested in doing but are unsure where to start?

Make money easily by sharing your knowledge! by Emma at #MakeMoney #MoneyMaking

I write a lot about how to make money and one way to do that is to sell your knowledge and expertise by teaching people online. But where do you start? I’d like to give you some advice on ways to make money, but also how to increase your income and maybe even decrease your work load!

I’ve just found this site called HowNow. It’s an amazing site where you can set up your own online school and create and sell courses.

HowNow allows you to create and teach anything, it can be yoga, music, languages, a skill you have, anything really! Basically, if you have knowledge on a topic and know what you’re talking about, you can create an online school and sell your expertise, whether that be through live, pre-recorded lessons or any other type of content.

I was offered the opportunity to set up an account to see what it’s like; I wanted to see what you have to do to start earning, how you set up an online school and if you get stuck, what’s the support like?

From going through the process, I think the best thing about this site is how easy and straight forward it is to set up your online school and connect a payment method. There are three easy steps:

First, customise your school:

Make money easily by sharing your knowledge!

Then create a course:

Make money easily by sharing your knowledge!

Finally, connect your payment method:

Make money easily by sharing your knowledge!

If you get confused while creating your account, you can contact HowNow quickly. They have a live chat and a blog that has loads of helpful articles with pictures to demonstrate.

To set up your online school you need a computer, webcam and decent internet connection – thankfully you don’t need to download any additional software.

Another thing that I found really handy was that you can sync your calendar with the one on HowNow, so people can see your schedule and book when you’re available, so there’s no need for a constant back and forth arranging a time.

It’s really easy to upload existing content onto the site, and this can be a video, PDF, blogs – basically anything you want, so it doesn’t matter if you’re not comfortable in front of a camera, there are other ways to teach! An interesting feature that HowNow have is that it offers gamification, so you can keep your learners on their toes with quizzes and assessments, you can even reward them with badges.

Make money easily by sharing your knowledge!

You can teach people one-to-one or hold group sessions, it just depends on your teaching style, your subject and what your learners prefer, obviously some subjects are easier to teach via one-to-one lessons but it’s completely up to you.

The pricing structure on HowNow is also your choice, I would suggest looking at what others in your subject area are charging and see if you can be competitive in pricing, it’s not the end of the world if not, this is just to give you a steer.

HowNow takes 10% commission on any courses you sell on the starter plan and only 5% commission on the essential plan, then none on the growth and enterprise plan. HowNow also allows instant pay-outs, so as soon as someone buys your course you have that money in your bank rather than having to wait for monthly pay outs like other platforms.

You can also create bundles, which combines multiple courses and is an advantage to your customers as they could buy three courses at a 30% discount for example.

Make money easily by sharing your knowledge!

You also have the option to run live lessons on the site, which is great for keeping an eye on how your learners are doing in your classes and chat to them in real time. So, if they’re doing well or if there are any areas they need to improve on, you can give them the extra support and encouragement they need to keep learning.

I guess my one criticism of the site would be that you have to either have your own following or base of existing learners already, or you need to spend time finding out how you’re going to market yourself and your classes. If this is something that’s holding you back, HowNow has a great blog that gives you tips on how to grow your customer base and the best platforms to use: 4 Free social graphic tools to use for your business

I found that this site is an easy way to make good money just by sharing what you know! It lets you to create your own online school and have complete control over how much money you make and how you teach.

The site has created a great way to grow your own teaching business online and make some extra money, you never know, it could become a full-time venture! Instead of spending ages creating content to get little money back, like on YouTube, you can get a better return on investment by using this site.

To create your own online school, HowNow is offering a 14-day free trial here.

Also, HowNow have kindly given me a code, which means you get 50% off your first month of using the platform on any plan. Use code: EMMA50

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