Make It Rain with Mercari UK this Bank Holiday Weekend

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The bank holiday is fast approaching, and between all the fun to be had, it is also a great time to make some extra money. I have teamed up with Mercari UK to tell you about their Make It Rain weekend, and how you can sell your items instantly over this weekend.

I have been using Mercari UK for over a year now, and my favourite thing by far is that they do not take any selling fees. It has been great to declutter the items I no longer use or wear and make some extra cash. However, it can take awhile for a buyer to come along for your items.

Instant Selling

That's where Instant Selling comes in. Earlier this year, Mercari launched their Instant Selling feature, where they make you an offer for the items you are selling.

Here is how it works:

Upload your item to Mercari as usual. If possible, try to include the label in your photos, as Mercari are more likely to make you an offer.

When the team see something they like, they will make you an offer to buy your item instantly.

Your offer lasts for 3 days before it expires.

Make it Rain weekend

All bank holiday weekend, Mercari will have buyers on hand to buy your items instantly with Instant Selling. Rather than waiting for someone to come along and buy your items, if Mercari like your item then they will offer a price as soon as you upload it.

It doesn't matter if you have High Street or High End items, however they should:

  • Be in good condition
  • Have a branded name
  • Look great in the photos you upload

Mercari will be on hand to make offers on your items on the following days:

Friday 25 May: T-shirts

Saturday 26th: Bags

Sunday 27th: Dresses

Monday 28th: Denim

How to prepare for the Make It Rain weekend:

Mercari UK's Make It Rain weekend is a great chance for you to free up some space in your wardrobe and make extra money whilst you are at it.

I know that bank holiday weekends, especially those filled with sunshine, can be quite busy. Here's how you can get prepared for the Make It Rain weekend:

  1. Have a wardrobe declutter. Remember that Mercari will be making instant offers on t-shirts, bags, dresses and denim, so if you are short on time, focus on these areas only.
  2. Take great photos of your items. You can include up to 4 photos per listing, and these will need to square photos (like the photos you take for Instagram) to look amazing on the app.

What I will be listing during the Make It Rain weekend

I feel as though I am constantly decluttering, and I recently bought 3 new dresses, which meant that I went through my wardrobe and found a few items of clothing to get rid of.

Admittedly, they have been sat in my pile of items to sell for a few weeks, but no more! This Sunday I will be listing my unwanted dresses on Mercari to see if I can make some extra money from items that are no longer in my wardrobe.

Click here to get started with Mercari this bank holiday weekend.

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