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You may have been reading my blog for some time, or you're a new comer. Hello. I really want to hit home to you about how you can make extra money. There's always something you can do, but knowing where to start can be difficult. So here, I present you with possibly the best blog post ever. I'm going to show you how to make £1,000.

You see, £1,000 is just 100 £10s. And I've even come up with a list of 100 things to do that should, on average, net you £10. Now obviously some of them will earn you more (switching banks to First Direct nets you £100!), and some of them may not be relevant to you, or you may earn less than the £10. But hopefully it all evens out so that you can make at least £1,000.

This idea came from a thread on Money Saving Expert, set up by Little Miss Uni Debt. The challenge is that people set themselves a target – either a savings target or debt that they need to pay off, and then split it into 1% goals. To make £1,000 you need just 100 ideas to make £10. And here they are, all ready for you to start earning! Bookmark this post and keep coming back to it. It is great for giving you ideas, or for you to keep on track with everything.

 Selling – with effort. 

1   eBay clothes, shoes and accessories
2   eBay cosmetics
3   eBay furniture and homewares
4   eBay DVDs
5   eBay CDs
6   eBay games
7   eBay books/comics
8   Facebook selling – furniture and homewares
9   Facebook selling – clothes, shoes and accessories
10 Facebook selling – everything else
11 Amazon Marketplace DVDs and CDs
12 Amazon Marketplace games
13 Amazon Marketplace books
14 Play Trade DVDs and CDs
15 Play Trade games
16 Play Trade books
17 Green Metropolis books
18 Handmade goods on Etsy
19 Handmade goods on Folksy
20 Sell your smelly shoes on eBay
21 Gumtree selling
22 Freeads selling
23 Hold a yard sale
24 Sell at a boot sale

Selling – quickly (LITTLE EFFORT). 

25 Sell you unwanted gold and silver
26 Sell books to WeBuyBooks
27 Sell books to Fat Brain
28 Amazon Trade in books
29 Amazon Trade in games
31 CEX games
32 CEX CDs
33 Send clothes, shoes and accessories to Clothes 4 Cash
34 Zapper books, DVDs, games and CDs
35 Music Magpie DVDs, games and CDs
36 Music Magpie clothes
37 Music Magpie tech
38 Music Magpie electronics
39 Sell any old mobile phones
40 Sell empty ink cartridges to The Recycling Factory

Surveys & Paid to Click

41 Swagbucks
42 Pinecone
43 Valued Opinions
44 Pureprofile
45 Maximiles
46 Survey Network
47 Lightspeed/My Survey
48 Yougov
49 Toluna
50 Crowdology
51 Indiefield
52 Shop & Scan
53 One poll
54 New vista
56 Write reviews at DooYoo
57 InstaGC – complete offers to earn Amazon giftcards
58 Qmee search bar

Smartphone earning

59 iPoll (search in App store)
60 Getjam
61 Qustodian
62 AppXpert
63 AppTrailers
64 Quidco check in (search in App store)
65 Field Agent (search in App store)
66 Motomate App

Cashback including bingo for cashback

67 Cashback for bingo sites. There is £100 to be made here.
68 Quidco
69 Topcashback
70 WePromiseTo
71 Greasy Palm

Bingo (all FREE apart from 1)

72 No deposit bingo Iceland bingo
73 No deposit bingo – Bingo Cams
74 No deposit bingo – Little Miss Bingo
75 No deposit bingo – Sun Bingo
76 No deposit bingo – City Bingo
77 No deposit bingo – Costa Bingo
78 Jackpot Joy (deposit required) FREE daily games

Tasks/Working from home

79 Cloud Crowd
80 Writing gigs at Textbroker
81 Work as an internet researcher for 63336
82 Offer your services at Fiverr
83 Various jobs at Freelancer
84 Various jobs at People per hour
85 Listen to music and rate it on Slice The Pie

Mystery Shopping

86 Market Force mystery shopping
87 Grassroots mystery shopping
88 Amber Arch mystery shopping

 Everything Else

89 Get your foreign currency changed. Use here for coins
90 Cash in loose change
91 Pick up some overtime
92 Switch to a Halifax rewards bank account to earn £5 per month
93 Switch to First Direct bank for £100
94 Switch to Santander 123 current account for cashback
95 Send a funny video to You've Been Framed for a potential £250
96 Upload a funny photo to a magazine
97 Send a top tip with photo to a magazine for a potential £25
98 See if you're due a tax refund
99 Claim your uniform tax rebate
100 Use a cashback credit card (but pay in full!)

I would absolutely love to hear back from you if you're going to embark on this list. Please leave a comment or find me on Twitter to let me know how you're getting on. I'm also available to answer any questions you may have.

6 Comments on “Make £1,000”

  1. Thanks for this. We have lots of books that my husband is always moaning about. I will have a look into selling some of those. Hopefully they will take kids books too as my daughter has got so many that she is getting rid of, we were going to charity shop it but I will try this first.

    Your blog is awesome btw.


    1. Be sure to work your way through all the sites. Zapper offered me 30p for a book that Amazon Trade in gave me £11 for.

      Thank you 🙂

  2. hi, love the blog!
    just wondering do any of the bingo site give cashback for signing up or is it only if you deposit cash?


  3. does trade-ins for textbooks so US users may be very happy to use them for that. Some of the deals are excellent.

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