Maintaining Your Auto: How to Do the Right Things and Avoid Auto Services as Long as Possible

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Own car is not a cheap pleasure. Calculate yourself: each car requires refueling fuel, which from year to year increases in price, repairs that happen even with new cars, regular maintenance, spending on documents of all kinds. And the car itself is quite a large investment. All this gives a significant burden on the family budget. In this article, we collected tips on how to avoid unnecessary costs, caring for the car daily, intelligently and independently.

Regularly Wash the Car and Polish It

This is the simplest advice but it is important and effective.  The dirt that settles on the car is a serious factor in premature aging and damage to the body, down to through corrosion. Also, it is necessary to apply polishing compounds once a month with the help of an electric car polisher (it is possible to recommend compositions with Teflon – they give excellent results). This way you will save your car from the aggressive influence of moisture, oils, acids and other negative factors.

Check the Tire Pressure at Least Once Every Two Weeks

Know the exact figures for different speeds and loads and, in accordance with this, select pressure. Do not forget to check the pressure in the spare wheel – a flat tire will not bring many benefits in an emergency.

Take the Rule to Inspect the Car Before the Trip

It is necessary to check the pressure in the tires, the tires themselves (for damage, punctures), the status of the glasses, lights.

Do not be lazy before starting the engine to check the oil level in the engine and gearbox. If you do this after turning on the engine, the result of the test will be zero – the oil circulates in the engine, and you will not recognize its real level. . Also, check the presence and levels of all liquids. Start the car and warm up the engine (injector engines practically do not need warm-up). At the beginning of the trip do not turn on the music – listen to your car (for knocking, noise).

Purchase a Good Battery

Save on it makes no sense. A quality battery will last a long time and will not let you down. Choose a battery suitable for your car make. Constantly monitor the battery charge – according to the instruments and the behavior of the car.

Periodically Independently Check a Condition of a Running Gear of the Car

Inspect the wheel arches and shock absorbers. If there are traces of oil, liquid, then it's worthwhile to call in the car wash. See if there are streaks of oil, liquid, through rust and other damages on the bridges. If they are present – then slowly go to the car service.

Be Sure to Perform Anti-Corrosion Treatment

The so-called “anti-corrosion” is sprayed onto the body of the car from the bottom. This will avoid the through corrosion of the body, especially in winter, when roads are sprinkled with caustic anti-ice reagents.

Follow these easy tips and you will not need the auto services help for a very long time!

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