5 things we can learn from Olympic athletes

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The summer Olympics are over for another year (or four!) and I have been enjoying the games over the past few weeks. The games have their roots in Ancient Greece, where they were held at the sacred site of Olympia. Greek mythology suggests that Zeus and Hercules were the founders of the games, and today they are considered to be the world's leading sports competition. There are thousands of athletes participating from over 200 nations across the world!


Sleep needs to be prioritised

Sleep is so important to athletes because it helps their bodies to repair themselves after a gruelling day. The same is true for all of us non-athletes. Getting plenty of sleep helps our bodies to rest and repair, meaning that we can perform st our best the following day. Since I run my own business I can get really engrossed in a topic and find myself working until way past my bedtime.

Fix it by having a regular bed time and winding down properly before going to bed. I am going to try to limit my screen time so that I am away from a screen at least an hour before heading to bed.

Get the right kind of rest

Often linked to prioritising sleep, getting the right kind of rest is another great lesson we can learn from Olympic athletes. Until recently I believed that resting from my business meant just sitting and consuming Netflix, but this is not the case! I started to use my time away from the business to take part in productive resting activities. The biggest change was to go swimming – I am to go at least 3 times a week and although I am not resting in the traditional sense, this type of productive rest is helping me to reach my optimal productivity levels when I am working.

Getting good nutrition

If there is one thing I can do that will have an almost immediate effect on how I feel both physically and emotionally, it is to change my eating habits and the nutrition I am getting. Just a few ‘bad' meals and I start to feel sluggish and gross. That's not to say that my diet is perfect, but when I start to feel unmotivated I can usually pin point my diet as the contributing factor. I try to make sure that at the very least I am consuming enough fruit and vegetables and upping my water intake. Of course there is a lot more to nutrition than this, but I find that if I am not consuming enough fruit, vegetables and water then I'm not feeling great.

Visualise your goals

Olympic athletes train for years and years, so how are they able to keep the,selves motivated? By visualising their goals! I recently read The Secret about the Law of Attraction, and it has opened my eyes so much. Since visualising my goals and even writing them down (I have written myself a £5,000 pay slip for December 2016) I have been able to remain focused and hit my goals. I use this for everything now, from visualising a parking space when I go shopping to my dream house.

Keep records of your progress

Whatever your goals are, it is important to keep a record of where you started. For example, if you were dieting you would need to know what your starting weight was, so that you can measure your success. I do this with my monthly income reports, so that I can look back and see how far I have come.

Now that the Olympics are over I am going to try to keep these 5 things we can all learn from Olympic athletes in my mind.


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